Factory alum Ame Garrucho returns to Factory to share Motion Graphics experience, develop new logo

Ame Garrucho, a participant in the Factory over the summer of 2006, returned to the Factory to gain internship credit to complete her degree in Motion Graphics at Ex'pressions College. As a Factory filmmaker, Ame produced Help Me Please, the most successful music video in the program's history (click here to see the video).

Ame's internship was extraordinarily productive: she did the DVD design for the forthcoming Best of NextGen DVD, she trained current Factory youth on programs like Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, and she developed a new logo for the program!

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Interview with Factory Filmmaker David Johnson

David Johnson, a Junior at Holden High School in Orinda, filmed his documentary Momo while on a trip to Northern India with other adventurous American teenagers last Summer. It is an observational documentary about two Tibetan refugees and their daily routine of making steamed dumplings to sell at a town market. Watch his film and then read his interview below.

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BUMP Records Industry Showcase


by Robert Collins, BUMP Manager

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Report On Our Progress

Download a copy of the report we recently sent to the city outlining our progress thus far.



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Ten Proven Things You Can Do To Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired 1

  1. Contact every single person you know and ask them if they know of any job leads - and let them know what your skills are. Send them your resume. Ask your grandmother's neighbor, your past co-workers, all the people in your address book and all the people you keep meaning to put in your address book. Do it.

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Ten Things We Hope You Never Do While You're Job Searching 2

  1. Reply to a job posting by just sending your resume in. Do that and chances are good that it will end up in a huge pile and you'll never get a call back. Result? You feel rejected and depressed. Great.

  2. Try to squeeze your resume to one page. The days of consolidating your resume are gone. Good online resumes are often 2-4 pages long with specific keywords that trigger a closer look by HR or the hiring manager.

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After School Music Production Program Blog

Edna Brewer

Tk and I found out that we are going on tour in January and that this will be our penultimate week with the kids so we are getting them prepped and ready to turn in their beats. This week we concentrated on making sure that every student had at least two beats each that they feel comfortable with turning in next week. Next week we are going to have them set up their two beats, throw a mastering suite on them, and burn them to a CD to hand over to the after school program coordinator. We will try to have a Christmas/pizza party to end next week!

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EEEEEK! Down to the wire!

So there's only about a week and a half left before winter break. Everyone is trying to edit their projects as fast as they can. For people who don't know, video editing is a very hectic process. It takes longer than getting footage. Sadly it's also the most important part. Everybody basically has all their footage and now its Editing time! We have a project about how one of the students cherishes his shoes and has learned to appreciate them in a new way. Another project is about someone who works at independence high school getting laid off. There's some interesting stuff.

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CCPA/Roots update 12/01/09

The holidays are upon us and we're moving full speed. The kids from CCPA/Roots after school program are preparing for program showcase on Dec. 15th & 17th. We're excited to see/hear what they have.

We have just entered the sampling stages of audio production. The kids are to bring one of their parent's favorite songs to use as a sample. The objective is to use different parts of the sample to recreate their own interpretation of the original.

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