EEEEEK! Down to the wire!

So there's only about a week and a half left before winter break. Everyone is trying to edit their projects as fast as they can. For people who don't know, video editing is a very hectic process. It takes longer than getting footage. Sadly it's also the most important part. Everybody basically has all their footage and now its Editing time! We have a project about how one of the students cherishes his shoes and has learned to appreciate them in a new way. Another project is about someone who works at independence high school getting laid off. There's some interesting stuff.

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CCPA/Roots update 12/01/09

The holidays are upon us and we're moving full speed. The kids from CCPA/Roots after school program are preparing for program showcase on Dec. 15th & 17th. We're excited to see/hear what they have.

We have just entered the sampling stages of audio production. The kids are to bring one of their parent's favorite songs to use as a sample. The objective is to use different parts of the sample to recreate their own interpretation of the original.

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our words

Factory trip to LA: Day 1 - Entertainment Post


The Factory's first day in Los Angeles was packed full of adventures. After our trip to Fotokem to see our 16mm footage screened (see previous blog entry here), we hustled over to the post-production facility Entertainment Post, where students got a chance to color time the telecine transfer (capturing the film negative digitally so it can be edited on a computer) with a professional colorist.

Here are the student's experiences in their own words:

Henry Zaballos, Senior, Bishop O'Dowd:


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Factory trip to LA: Day 2 - American Film Institute

Our second day in Los Angeles began with a trip to American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab. Nick DeMartino and Suzanne Stefanac very generously came in on their day off to give the Factory youth a tour of the AFI campus and to explain how the Digital Content Lab is working to envision how audiences will interact with movies in the future.

Here is the Factory filmmakers' experiences in their own words:

Fifer Garbesi, Sophomore, Berkeley High School:

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BAVC goes to Hollywood

 Zoë Salnave is a 16-year old Junior at Berkeley High School and a new participant in BAVC's advanced video production program, The Factory. She recently joined seven other students on a three-day field trip to Los Angeles, where they toured a film processing laboratory, a digital post-production house, and the American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab.

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L.A trip

           Hello this is Marwaun  and I writing about the trip we took  to L.A On that trip we traveled to the AFI film institute and Fhoto Kem studio. I learned  more about the film process on the 16 mil.

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My Video Process

My video is going to be about my family and how things change as we live in a totally  new unfamiliar environment. 

 I already created my shot list and storyboard, now i just need to starting shooting.

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