First day as TA for digital pathways video 2009-10

Heyyy so today was my first day as the new TA for digital pathways 2009-10.

It was a relatively good day, the class was really quiet but I guess that should have been expected since everyone's new & no one really knows each other. I haven't updated this in a while but so far as a producer I haven't really made any new videos. But anyways, we have a pretty diverse class this year. Hopefully the class runs smoothly.






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New Media meets Agribusiness in BAVC's Second LIfe Studio

Can Organic Farmers Feed the Virtual World Too?

[video: 100x100]


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Factory 08-09 Wrapup

by Jason Jakaitis, Factory Manager

Well, the Factory has concluded its sixth year of working with youth filmmakers in the East Bay. Things were hectic down to the end, but we accomplished everything we set out to do and are excited about our projects in 2009-2010.

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BUMP Records Artist Cassadine Speaks on the 2009 AMC Trip

This was my second time going to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference. This time was a little different but just as enjoyable. On this trip instead of me performing I was able to watch my peers from BUMP Records perform and show their talents. My friends Breeyana Lovelace and Virtuous did an outstanding job showcasing there talents. I enjoyed watching them be interactive and involving the audience in there performances. This was the first and one of the most memorable events on this Detroit trip.

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BUMP Records Artist V Speaks on the Recent Trip to the AMC

July 16th 2009 I awoke extremely early in the morning to be at the airport by 5:15 to travel to the far away land of Detroit, Michigan. The first thing I noticed when I landed is how gigantic the airport was but how few people there seemed to be in ratio. I would later find out that there had been a 50% flight from Detroit due to the factories closing. I then went to the college were I would be staying and started the learning.

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BUMP Records Artist Breeyana Lovelace Speaks on the Recent BUMP Records Trip to the AMC

Detroit was really fun and I really appreciate that BUMP picked me to go with them on this amazing trip. When I first arrived in Detroit we rested a little bit and shortly after it was time for me to perform that night. I was so excited to share my talent with the other artists that were down there. My performance was a real learning experience for me because I didn't do the best I thought I could do. It showed me that you are not going to do good on every performance and you just learn from your mistakes and keep it moving.

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The Best of BUMP Beats 2009

With the school year now finished, it wouldn't be right not to acknowledge and showcase the work of some of talented youth. BUMP Beats was an in-school & after school program available to middle-high school students in the Oakland & San Francisco communities. School sites included Havenscourt Middle School CCPA, Edna Brewer Middle School, Frick Middle School, Bunche High School, Balboa High School, and John O'Connell.


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Factory Youth in Seattle for SIFF Event


Factory filmmakers Marwaun and Myquan Brooks recently returned from a trip to Seattle, where they participated in the Seattle Superfly filmmaking marathon, which is put on by Longhouse Media and sponsored by the Seattle International Film Festival.

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Finished film: Every Day Dreaming

6 months. 103 shots. 84 foley sounds. 2 minutes. This is David Johnson's detailed, albeit brief, teen-life opus.

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