Factory trip to LA: Day 2 - American Film Institute

Our second day in Los Angeles began with a trip to American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab. Nick DeMartino and Suzanne Stefanac very generously came in on their day off to give the Factory youth a tour of the AFI campus and to explain how the Digital Content Lab is working to envision how audiences will interact with movies in the future.

Here is the Factory filmmakers' experiences in their own words:

Fifer Garbesi, Sophomore, Berkeley High School:

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BAVC goes to Hollywood

 Zoë Salnave is a 16-year old Junior at Berkeley High School and a new participant in BAVC's advanced video production program, The Factory. She recently joined seven other students on a three-day field trip to Los Angeles, where they toured a film processing laboratory, a digital post-production house, and the American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab.

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L.A trip

           Hello this is Marwaun  and I writing about the trip we took  to L.A On that trip we traveled to the AFI film institute and Fhoto Kem studio. I learned  more about the film process on the 16 mil.

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My Video Process

My video is going to be about my family and how things change as we live in a totally  new unfamiliar environment. 

 I already created my shot list and storyboard, now i just need to starting shooting.

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what i am doing

My project is going to be about my life and all that I have went through. I have recorded my voice over narration and I now need to film a little bit more to be finished. After doing that i will need to edit my project.

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My Video

Almost everyone has started filming. I haven't started yet but I am finished with my storyboard and my shot list. I hope to start filming this week. My video is going to be about what it is like to be blind. I am going interview a blind man and attempt to get a deeper understanding of what life is like to see blackness.

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1st Blog updating BAVC progress

Hello! Class has been fine so far. My progress on my film is going fine, though the deadline is getting closer and I need to get some footage. This is hard because everyone needs the  camera equally and we all have to share. Other than that, it is going smooth. I have my shot list done with a storyboard, and working with my script. The next step is to finish my script and start filming. I hope all goes well!

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So Far

My video will be about life in the city of San Francisco and the different perspectives between a native San Franciscan and a non native. So far i have completed my shot list, started filming, and i have also started editing. I still need to finish some of my shooting and im planning to check a camera out soon so i finish my shots and just use my time on the editing part. 

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