BUMP Records artists help to promote HIV/AIDS education and prevention

This Summer 3 BUMP Records artists were asked to participate in a campaign promoting AIDS testing and awareness in the African American comminity.  The Greater Than AIDS campaign(www.greaterthan.org) used our BUMP artists as models in a visual advertising campaign that can be viewed on billboards, bus stops signs, and targeted emails educating African Americans with life-saving information about HIV/AIDS and to confront the stigma surrounding the disease.  The campaign chose young people from the community for the ad to help their peers feel comfortable about asking questions.

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Hello, from Ellison

My name is Ellison, and like many of you on this life-journey, I'm committed to creating ways of making our world a better place to grow in understanding, resourcefulness, appreciation and love.

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Ellison's Bio

BAVC Digital Pathways Video 10/07/09

The class is getting MUCH better. A lot more lively. Yay us!

The past 2 days, everyone has been getting hands on with the equipment. It seems as if everyone understand basic camera movements & how to use the audio tools (i.e. laviliers, boom pole, shotgun mics, whitebalancing, etc.). Everything is running smoothly.

Storyboarding is most likely going to be starting very soon. Next week if im not mistaken. So check back for updates on the class. 

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These past couple of weeks, CCPA & Roots students have made wonderful steps! We have moved past the point of creating 4 bar drum loops on the Redrum, to the introduction of the Dr, Rex.







 They have learned to locate and browse the instrument patches to explore the various loops.


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At first the idea of blogging about blogging seemed to so clearly indicate that the universe is collapsing into itself, I failed to realize that this was my chance to hang out with some* of my favorite local internet heroes. Once I did, I was totally on board.

Along the long and winding road, I learned so much and changed so little. Here are the lessons I gleaned from bloggers:

[video:http://blip.tv/file/2642723/ 100x100]

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First day as TA for digital pathways video 2009-10

Heyyy so today was my first day as the new TA for digital pathways 2009-10.

It was a relatively good day, the class was really quiet but I guess that should have been expected since everyone's new & no one really knows each other. I haven't updated this in a while but so far as a producer I haven't really made any new videos. But anyways, we have a pretty diverse class this year. Hopefully the class runs smoothly.






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New Media meets Agribusiness in BAVC's Second LIfe Studio

Can Organic Farmers Feed the Virtual World Too?

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZIM7g-QgY4 100x100]


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Factory 08-09 Wrapup

by Jason Jakaitis, Factory Manager

Well, the Factory has concluded its sixth year of working with youth filmmakers in the East Bay. Things were hectic down to the end, but we accomplished everything we set out to do and are excited about our projects in 2009-2010.

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BUMP Records Artist Cassadine Speaks on the 2009 AMC Trip

This was my second time going to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference. This time was a little different but just as enjoyable. On this trip instead of me performing I was able to watch my peers from BUMP Records perform and show their talents. My friends Breeyana Lovelace and Virtuous did an outstanding job showcasing there talents. I enjoyed watching them be interactive and involving the audience in there performances. This was the first and one of the most memorable events on this Detroit trip.

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