Impact Playbook

We are delighted to share with you a brand new resource, the "Impact Playbook: Best Practices for Understanding the Impact of Media."  This practical, no-nonsense guide was created specifically for use by social issue media makers, and contains a wealth of best practices for developing your engagement strategies and measuring and communicating the impact of your work.

The Impact Playbook was created with the support of The Fledgling Fund, and was commissioned by BAVC. It was researched and written by the Harmony Institute, a research center that studies the impact of entertainment on individuals and society.  Together we worked with the participating teams of the 2012 Producers Institute to understand concerns and challenges expressed by media makers about impact and impact measurement, and culled best practices from research, a long lineage of audience outreach and engagement for social issue documentary projects, and recent technology developments that allow us to better track, understand, and communicate the impact of our work.

We hope you will use this guide to design and implement your next media impact campaign, and we look forward to your feedback.