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BAVC is now home to Reel Stories!

About Reel Stories

Reel Stories youth creating a film together

Reel Stories is a Bay Area nonprofit combatting the significant gender imbalance in film production through youth media education. They teach young women and gender-expansive youth that, with the right tools and training, they hold the key to a revolution in the media industry. Reel Stories believes that when women, girls, and people of marginalized genders are better represented behind the scenes, they’re better reflected on the screen. Together, BAVC and Reel Stories are committed to building a more gender equitable and inclusive world. 

“Reel Stories is thrilled to become part of the BAVC family. For 45 years BAVC has been the leader in training, supporting and distributing diverse voices in film. Through this merger Reel Stories will have the opportunity to expand our reach and message. Our community will reap the benefits of the incredible wealth of opportunities within BAVC. Finally, working with Paula Arrigoni and Dawn Valadez is a dream. This leadership team has stewarded BAVC and Reel Stories through the storm of 2020 and this team and merger will make sure these programs thrive.” - Esther Pearl, Reel Stories Founder 


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Coming Together: BAVC and Reel Stories

Dawn Valadez is a queer, Xicana, social worker, filmmaker, activist, fundraiser, and impact strategist.
Spearheading this merger is Dawn Valadez, BAVC’s Director of Youth and Emerging Maker Programs! Among many other things, Dawn is an award-winning filmmaker, activist, social worker and nonprofit leader. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her leading us for this next chapter. In uniting the Reel Stories & BAVC worlds, we are strengthening our mission to achieve gender equity and inclusion in media by moving marginalized voices to the center of the story


“I grew up in Hollywood, and by the time I hit high school, I realized that I rarely saw characters on TV and in movies who looked like my family that weren’t stereotyped. And there were even fewer people like me working behind the camera. But I was always a creative person and I found my calling in documentary filmmaking, reflecting the world around me.” - Dawn Valadez, Director of Youth and Emerging Maker Programs

Under her expert leadership, we are confident that our youth programming will continue to grow and evolve - giving young people access to tools, resources, mentorship, and a vibrant community within which to create and share powerful, diverse stories. 



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