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Benjamin Marlowe

Success Story
October 8, 2015
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Benjamin Marlowe
I began my relationship with BAVC through the TechSF scholarship for the Motion Graphic Certificate. I had recently finished my MFA at California College for the Arts, where I created a number of hand animated films. After graduation, I found some independent work making music videos, but found cel animation to be too much work for too little money. BAVC offered me numerous classes in motion graphics and I was able to find a way to bridge my hand animated work with computer graphics. They worked with me in-depth on a couple videos I created as I earned the certificate as well. I found they helped me focus on refining myself as a creative professional. I was able to think tactically about my approach to the market and how to make a living doing what I love. I actively apply the knowledge I gained at BAVC everyday: in addition to regular contract work (which includes everything from infographics to shorts), I am working on my second independent film and regularly submit my work to film festivals nationally.

Selected projects

Poster for The Red by Benjamin Marlowe

The Red is an experimental animation about the reverence of devotion.