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Sylvia Colt

Success Story
October 8, 2015
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Sylvia Colt
Last fall, my older sister, Reyna, was starting her second year with BAVC. She thought that I would enjoy filmmaking. Reyna encouraged me to apply. I happily agreed thinking that it would be a good way for me to make friends and express myself in a new way.  BAVC helped me do all of these things and more. I have made connections I never thought I would. Being a member of the filmmaking track, Reel Life, has also given me a confidence I didn't have before. Because of the fact that I am in a wheelchair, many activities are challenging for me to participate in; filmmaking, though, is not one of them. BAVC has given me a way to speak up and express my feelings without needing much physical assistance. I cannot wait to continue with BAVC to grow as a filmmaker and person.

Selected Projects

Still from Hermanas by Sylvia Colt

Hermanas is a personal documentary about my two sisters, one of whom suffers from a mental illness.