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BAY AREA VIDEO COALITION HIRES PAULA SMITH ARRIGONI AS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR : Paul wears a brown coat and stands, softly smiling, against a nondescript San Francisco city background on an overcast day.
BAVC Board President Jason Kipnis is delighted to announce the 42-year old San Francisco legacy nonprofit media arts center has hired Paula Smith Arrigoni as the organization’s newest Executive Director. Smith Arrigoni...
January 1, 2019
three circles intersect with differnt colors in each segment, muted black in the center. Pale pink background. Hard black outlines. Image for Da Vinci Resolve Color Correction course at BAVC
BAVC has partnered with Black Magic Design to teach DaVinci Resolve Intro and DaVinci Resolve Color Correction as part of our video and audio...
October 1, 2018
Whiteboard Interview Workshop @Twitter
We’d like to take a moment to thank all the companies who have opened their doors to our students and participants this year. From career panels, mock interviews, field trips, work project hosting, informational...
June 29, 2018
Throughout the year Next Gen students built a fun and supportive community where they learned new technical skills, met industry professionals, earned college credit, and discussed social justice issues all while...
June 1, 2018
BAVC's Preservation Access Program 2018: Waveform Still
We are excited to announce the participants in the upcoming round of BAVC’s Preservation Access Program ! From video artists...
May 1, 2018
If you hate networking, these five tips are for you. By Gieselle Allen. Image of a man and woman talking over a computer and smart phone. Likely a business meeting.
If you’re reading this, you’ve definitely heard this frustrating job search advice: “it’s all about who you know.” You also know that going out and meeting people at mixers, coffees, and informational interviews can...
March 4, 2018
Success Story
At BAVC Preservation, I gained experience in video conversion of older video formats. I learned the basics in how to maintain playback equipment and handle client's tapes, document conversion progress on SalesForce,...
January 11, 2018
Screenshot of an interview with Jessica Mao from the student film "Reshaping Media" directed by high schooler Janetzy Cruz about "Young people fighting media stereotypes and re-writing narratives to put people of color in more positive light."
The BAVC Next Gen students wrapped up the fall semester with a celebration at the San Francisco Public Library in December where they shared their work from the term and came together in community. Friends, family, and...
January 5, 2018
Sex Ed with DB
Success Story
Meet BAVC Student Danielle Bezalel! Danielle Bezalel graduated from UC Berkeley (go bears!) in 2014 with a degree in Film and Media and a minor in Education. She's passionate about making media that matters, singing on stage with her band Happnstance, eating lots of chocolate, traveling the world, getting fit, and cracking jokes with her 18 year old brother. Email her at to hear more about her story and to get involved with Sex Ed with DB!
December 7, 2017