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Grey and white gradient Logo for Making Contact Radio. Adapting? Excerpting? Excerpts interwoven with filmmaker interview? Making Contact at Films to Radio
BAVC's community partner, Making Contact, wants to share your documentary film on radio stations across the US and Canada!...
August 6, 2019
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Logo. The Letter M in red black and white. Thumbnail image for whitepaper "A Guide to Approaching Audiovisual Digitization for Artists and Arts and Culture Organizations"
In 2017 Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) received a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation which supported the continuation of our Preservation Access Program (PAP), which offers subsidized preservation...
July 2, 2019
Image is a black and white television still. A shoulders-up shot of a young person talking to someone off screen. The wear a dark turtleneck, a leather jacket with a wide collar, and an afro. A person stands behind them, to the side, mostly out of frame.
BAVC is proud to announce the recipients of the 12th round of our Preservation Access Program . This program, made possible by...
June 10, 2019
BAVC MediaMaker Fellowship Logo
BAVC is thrilled to announce the multiplatform documentary makers and projects that will receive the 2019 MediaMaker Fellowship award. A full list of...
March 1, 2019
Headshot: Interview with JACQUELINE OLIVE, Director, Producer, & Writer of “Always in Season,” Premiering at Sundance 2019
Success Story
In the small town of Bladenboro, NC, seventeen-year-old Lennon Lacy, was found hanging from a swing set on August 29, 2014. Despite inconsistencies in the evidence, local officials quickly ruled Lennon’s death a suicide...
January 7, 2019
Headshots: Interviews with BAVC Mediamaker Fellows Producer/Writer/Editor Emelie Mahdavian and Co-Editor Co-Editor Kristina Motwani of 2019 Sundance selection "Midnight Traveler"
Success Story
When the Taliban puts a bounty on Afghan director Hassan Fazili’s head, he is forced to flee with his wife and two young daughters. Capturing their uncertain journey, Fazili shows firsthand the dangers facing refugees...
January 6, 2019
experimental video still courtesy of Visual Studies Workshop
Twice per year, BAVC’s Preservation Department selects a group of individuals, artists, and organization to receive funding for digitization and archival projects. These funds come from our...
January 4, 2019
BAY AREA VIDEO COALITION HIRES PAULA SMITH ARRIGONI AS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR : Paul wears a brown coat and stands, softly smiling, against a nondescript San Francisco city background on an overcast day.
BAVC Board President Jason Kipnis is delighted to announce the 42-year old San Francisco legacy nonprofit media arts center has hired Paula Smith Arrigoni as the organization’s newest Executive Director. Smith Arrigoni...
January 1, 2019
three circles intersect with differnt colors in each segment, muted black in the center. Pale pink background. Hard black outlines. Image for Da Vinci Resolve Color Correction course at BAVC
BAVC has partnered with Black Magic Design to teach DaVinci Resolve Intro and DaVinci Resolve Color Correction as part of our video and audio...
October 1, 2018