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BAVC Preservation: Preservation Access Program 2017
We are excited to announce the participants in the upcoming round of BAVC’s Preservation Access Program ! From video artists...
December 4, 2017
Rodrigo Reyes: Sanson and Me
Our 2017 National MediaMaker Fellows head to Washington D.C. this month for the 3rd annual Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival ...
October 2, 2017
Tech Talk Tuesday September Edition
September’s Tech Talk Tuesday featured Cleave Frink, Jr. Production Manager and Liz Cabrera, Producer of the Google Developer...
September 29, 2017
BAVC 2017 AiR: Andrea Rodriguez & Erica Molesworth
Last month, BAVC announced Andrea Rodriguez and Erica Molesworth (pictured above) as the recipients of our 2017-18 Residency program. With support from the San Francisco Film Commission, the Residency builds on the...
September 29, 2017
BAVC PAP Client: CET Films
Success Story
Written by: Hannah Franklin, Preservation Department Intern, Summer 2017 My summer internship with BAVC’s Preservation...
September 13, 2017
Sylvia Colt-Lacayo - BAVC Factory Alum
Three years ago, I was a scrawny, disabled, 8th grader who was always envious of my artistic family. Art runs in my blood, like a torch passed down my family tree, and I always felt like it wasn’t given to me. That was...
July 16, 2017
You want a job? Start acting like a baby.
People think about job search success in terms of the outcome—landing a job. At BAVC, we love when our clients get jobs, but we think their success is defined not by what happens at the end of the search but...
May 31, 2017
On April 21st, 2017, audiovisual preservationists from all over the United States - and Ireland - convened in sunny San Francisco to test the new features of...
May 8, 2017
Diane Presler
Meet Diane Presler . Visual Designer and BAVC Instructor, she brings passion, spirit, and her expert knowledge to courses ranging from InDesign...
May 1, 2017