Step One to becoming a Social Media Marketing Manager with this Digital Marketing Certificate

Available to self-funded students only

Everyone and their grandma knows digital marketing is the modern day solution for reaching an audience. Buzzwords like conversions, call-to-action, analytics, click-through rate, and geo-targeting point to the fact that grassroots consumers can make or break a product, website or service. Learn how to employ effective SEO, shoot and edit video for social marketing, create graphics, publish a WordPress site, analyze your website traffic, and configure code for mobile devices. You’ll learn how to build a brand on all the important social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and SMS Instagram. Digital Marketing Managers earn anywhere from $68K – $130K. If you’re savvy, up on the latest trends, are right- and left-brained, and are willing to play ball with the Google bots, this Certificate is your key to a career in social media marketing. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year.

$3,085.00 | 88 hours total