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Intermediate Video Production Full Certificate

104 hours total

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Learn to produce your own video content

According to Cisco, video will make up 80% of internet content by 2021. If you're tasked with moving a message forward, dreaming of creating your own movie, looking to make your web site more compelling or you're simply a visual storyteller, it's time to learn video production for reals. With online classes taught by Bay Area video professionals, BAVC's Video Production Certificate will help you learn skills you can apply towards becoming a professional videographer, Director of Photography (DP), crew member, Producer or Associate Editor. You can freelance or land a job at an ad agency, nonprofit or for any employer who wants to bring more video into the mix. We'll even teach you how to fly a drone! People who do well in video production have tireless energy, enjoy collaboration, and are natural storytellers. Brush up on skills in pre-production, production and post-production and learn how to make yourself stand out in the job market.

Recently laid off? Deductions from your past paychecks may cover cost training to help you pivot to a new career or level up your skills.

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Aesthetics of Editing

Learn about the art and language of film editing

"We'll fix it in post." You've heard that phrase to justify less-than-desirable production results but the old chestnut can also refer to moving the story along. The decisions you make while editing brings the power to a film or video. It helps viewers make connections, be in on the secret, or turn what they're watching into an art form. As Ralph Rosenblum says in his industry-renown classic, When The Shooting Stops, The Cutting Begins, the footage "must now be selected, tightened, paced, embellished, arranged, and in some scenes, given artificial respiration." BTW, Ralph Rosenblum edited Woody Allen's Annie Hall, and transformed a chaotic, meandering string of bits into an Oscar-winning film.

In this film editing class, we will leave software and hardware behind and focus on the art and craft of cutting. You'll explore well known concepts used by Hollywood movie makers, independent film and videomakers and storytellers world renown. Examples will be drawn from narrative and documentary films as well as from music videos, commercials and experimental films. You'll walk away from this online class with a solid understanding of:

  • juxtaposition
  • reaction shots
  • cutaways
  • action edits
  • B-roll
  • pacing
  • screen position
  • montage
  • continuity
  • sound

PLEASE NOTE: this popular film editing class is now taught ONLINE using zoom and accessible everywhere!

Audio for Video Production


This online workshop provides hands-on training in the basic techniques of recording sound for the camera. This San Francisco class will review basic sound theory, practical tips, squashing noise, and troubleshooting. Students will set up interviews and use the most commonly used professional sound equipment in different environments. Topics covered:

  • Mixing theory/gain structure
  • Mic, line, and consumer levels
  • Microphone types and applications
  • Boom technique
  • Ambiance

Film, Audio, and Video Training in San Francisco

BAVC offers video production classes in San Francisco, and many students come to us with an interest in taking an audio/video class. If you are interested in reviewing basic sound theory, practical tips, squashing noise, and troubleshooting. This class will draw students from San Francisco and all over the Bay Area. Students even attend from Oakland or Marin County.

Interviewing Techniques


Learn how to interview documentary subjects for your film!

Being able to conduct an interview that results in powerful and effective material can make or break your film. This online class developed in San Francisco will take the students through the various steps for preparing an engaging camera interview from research, pre-production, production to post production. Interview samples will be screened and analyzed to highlight different approaches and dos and don’ts. Practice interviews will be set up so students have a chance to interview each other and/or be interviewed.

This class will show you the best workflow practices, and prepare you to both ask the tough questions and get your interviewees to share their deepest thoughts and feelings on camera.

Topics covered (among others):

  • How to structure the interview
  • How to prepare questions
  • What is the style/look of your interview?
  • How to choose the right camera, sound and lighting gear
  • Paperwork/Releases
  • How to prepare the interviewee
  • Professional vs. non-professional interviewee
  • How to pick & prepare a set
  • Dos and Don’ts during the interview
  • Quick fixes for problems during the interview
  • Transcripts & paper edits
  • Film Interview Training In San Francisco

BAVC offers online classes developed in San Francisco, many students come to us with an interest in taking an interviewing technique training class. Whether you are interested in engaging camera interview from research, pre-production, production to post production. This class will draw students from San Francisco and all over the Bay Area. Students even attend from Oakland or Marin County.


PLEASE NOTE: this Bay Area Video Lighting course is now taught ONLINE using zoom and accessible everywhere!

Lighting for video is unlike lighting for photography, film, theater or game design. This workshop over Zoom introduces you to professional lighting techniques and equipment specific to video. Setting up a scene for lighting (or even shooting documentary footage in the field) can make a subject go from flat and uninteresting to vibrant and powerful. Your instructor, Ben Ferrer, is a director and cinematographer, having worked on commercials, documentaries, narrative films and corporate communication. Lighting is his passion and he's willing to share everything he knows! This online class will cover amps, attitude, and technique. Learn to reduce lighting set-ups to their fundamentals, revealing the structure that style is built upon. This is one of the most game-changing classes you will ever enroll in, especially if you're serious about filmmaking, because of Ben's willingness to share best practices and trade secrets. Topics include:

  • Quality of light and creating depth
  • Lighting for different styles and situations
  • Working with available light for best results

Online Video Lighting Course 

BAVC offers lighting classes online because so many students come to us with an interest in taking a lighting technique and equipment-specific video class. Whether you are interested in working with available light or investing in professional equipment, this class will satisfy your hunger for detailed knowledge.

How can I get a Video Production Certification? 

This video lighting course is part of BAVC's Beginning Video Production: Producer/Editor Fast Track and Video Production Full Certificate. Learn more about BAVC Certifications and enroll today! Recently laid off? Deductions from your past paychecks may cover the cost training to help you pivot to a new career or level up your skills – find out more

Video Production: Intermediate


Tried and true for over twenty years at BAVC, this intensive, hands-on online video workshop is designed for the beginning videomaker in an updated, convenient, interactive online course. This San Francisco-developed class is an ideal introduction to all phases of production, with top-notch instruction and personal attention. Topics covered:

  • Basic engineering and sound
  • Preproduction planning, scripting, and storyboarding
  • Video camera operations
  • Production and directing techniques
  • Working as a team throughout the production process

Video Production Training: San Francisco

BAVC offers Video Production classes online, many students come to us with an interest in taking a video production class. Whether you are interested in looking to meet new clients or even hoping to land an internship.

Video Post Production Workflow


Have you worked tirelessly to shoot or accrue hours of great footage? Are you unsure of how to put it all together and complete your video? From ingesting your footage into a computer to the output of your finished product, BAVC’s Post-Production Workflow training allows you the opportunity to learn from real post-production specialists from San Francisco who can walk you through each individual phase of organizing, editing and completing your film. Get the files onto your computer, name them properly so that you don’t lose them, troubleshoot technical issues along the way and maximize your existing Adobe Premiere skills to be able to finish your project. Post-production training topics covered during this course include:

  • Ingesting footage
  • Organizing your video metadata
  • Troubleshooting incompatible file formats and lost file extensions
  • Tips on proper naming conventions for your media library
  • Output and delivery methods for high quality playback

Students join from all over the country (and beyond!) to dig into some of the best film and video production training from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Portfolio Development Series

The Portfolio Development Series (course links below)

Are you looking to create an online portfolio to help land your next gig? Maybe you want to update an existing portfolio to set you apart from the busy digital crowd. 
It’s getting harder to learn new technologies with so many of us working-from-home, and it’s important to have a presence on the web to get a job. We can help you build one.
Engaging in online classes can help you get ahead, stay ahead and remain connected to your community. Let us help you craft a professional digital portfolio in this BAVC series. 

Learn online from anywhere!

Building Your Portfolio

We’ll help you create work samples which are often the focus of successful portfolios, and we’ll review what’s trending. Don’t forget the elevator pitch—what is it that you want to say to land the right job? Plus—we’ll cover the building blocks of site maps and wireframes that will help you visualize what your portfolio can, and should, look like. And we’ll get you started. Get more details and sign up for the next class

Packaging Your Portfolio

Discover your visual style in this class with topics that cover the look and feel of your portfolio. Your instructor will walk you through templates, videos, animations and graphics that will help your portfolio stand out. We’ll also discuss website vendors, hosting, domain names, uploading your files... and what you need to know about Web 2.0 to stay competitive. Get the full details and sign up today.

Promoting Your Portfolio

This class will help you develop a marketing strategy for your online portfolio, and stay competitive in the current work-from-home climate that we find ourselves in today. You’ll learn about the tools you need to promote your digital presence and get noticed: social networking, the ever-important key words for search engine optimization (SEO), Google page ranks, search engines and more... Get the details.

Freelance Essentials

You’ve built your site and it’s now online. Congrats! But there is more to do to ensure your success. Our instructor will guide you through how much to charge, time management and juggling your workload, managing client relationships, how to stay ahead of critical documents like bidding and contracts, and how to keep on top of business requirements. Get the details and sign up.

Video Production Bootcamp


Are you a cinephile or producer seeking to become more skilled with video? Are you a creative looking to add fresh video content for your company? Do you have a burning desire to learn how to shoot video? Or are you a freelancer looking to make yourself more marketable for video production jobs?

Today’s high-definition cameras afford filmmakers at all levels the ability to learn to shoot video in an easy, flexible way. To help you learn advanced video technology and to give you the skills you need to make compelling, professional videos, we've redesigned our in-person DSLR Video Production Bootcamp into an online course so you can get up to speed from wherever you are.

The Bootcamp brings you the best tips, tricks and know-how in a 32-hour intensive training course (spread out over several sessions). You can use any video camera you have (or borrow/rent)--we'll be using a Canon DSLR but students have been joining the Bootcamp with smartphones, video cams, DSLRs--it's been a blast! You will gain hands-on experience in all aspects of short-form video production, including production planning (pre-production), shooting (production) and editing (post-production) from BAVC’s expert instructors.

Part 1 covers planning, pre-production and production

Part 2 covers Adobe Premiere Pro CC and editing the footage shot in Part 1

You'll be learning video basics including:

Basic engineering and sound
Pre-production planning, scripting, and storyboarding
Camera operation
Lens choice
Production and directing techniques
Working as a team throughout the production process
Ingesting media
Working with dual-system audio
Performing basic editing and media management tasks
Final output and sharing your video online


• cinephiles that have previously owned a video camera
• producers interested in learning videography
• employees who want to create content for their company
• beginners who plan to freelance
• next wave of doc filmmakers


• understanding cameras is intimidating
• you prefer learning over a semester


Video Production Bootcamp Workshop via Zoom

BAVC offers video classes created in San Francisco and delivered via synchronous distance learning using the Zoom video meeting platform. What's cool is that you not only learn from the instructor but from others in the group. So many people are using video now that people want to learn how to shoot and edit and see how others learn, too. You can pick up a lot of knowledge even if you've never picked up a camera and if you are looking to improve your self-taught experience shooting video, this Bootcamp is for you.