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Web Design Full Certificate: Digital Marketing

88 hours total

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Sometimes just referred to as "social," digital marketing is the modern day solution to reaching an audience. Buzzwords like data-driven, search engine optimization and Hootsuite point to the fact that Madison Avenue can no longer dictate what consumers should buy--instead, it's a bottom-up world, where word-of-mouth (or a tweet) is king. Learn how to shoot video for social marketing, how to create effective SEO, publish a WordPress site and analyze your web site traffic. In San Francisco, you can learn how to spread the word on all the important platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SMS and Instagram. Social marketing professionals earn anywhere from $48K - $75K. If you're savvy, up on the latest trends, and willing to roll up your sleeves to play ball with the Google bots, this Certificate is your key to learning social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Take BAVC’s Social Media Marketing training and join a revolution born in San Francisco. Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn - nearly all of these are Bay Area companies, and the social media marketing revolution is nearly a 100% Bay Area invention. No longer is a website just a website - it's a connection point to social media platforms, ranging from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to Google+ to LinkedIn and beyond. Web marketing and web design must now think in multi-dimensions. How does a website leverage Twitter? If you Tweet what is the point of it? How can you leverage YouTube videos so that they show up high on the Google search and YouTube search pages, and integrate video with a website to inform, entertain, and stay connected to your audience? This class teaches the basic concepts of social media marketing - the t's that must be crossed and i's dotted to make a website "go social" and integrate with relevant social media platforms.

Class Overview

Introduction: What is Social Media Marketing?

  • Social Media Marketing
  • The Customer Continuum

Facebook Marketing

  • Understanding a Facebook profile vs. a Facebook page
  • Setting up and managing a Facebook page for a business or organization
  • The all-powerful "like"

Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter is Great. Twitter is not for everyone!
  • Understanding a Tweet: #hashtags and @handles
  • Twitter promotion strategies

LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn profiles and SEO
  • LinkedIn profiles and six degrees of separation
  • LinkedIn marketing strategies

YouTube Marketing

  • YouTube Videos and SEO
  • Basic Channel Set up and Optimization
  • The three uses of YouTube: Support, Sharing, and Viral
  • Annotations
  • Overlays

Social Media Metrics

  • On each platform: e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Using Google Analytics

Making a Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Training in San Francisco

Social Media Marketing teaches basic concepts of social media when deployed as a marketing tactic for companies or non-profits. Students come to BAVC’s San Francisco Social Media Marketing class to learn how to integrate with relevant social media platforms. With social media marketing nearly born and bred in San Francisco, this training draws students from the entire Bay Area, from Marin County in the North to San Jose in the South.


Get acquainted with Wordpress. We offer the web's most widely used--and easy to use--Content Management System. Take advantage of our WordPress training in San Francisco. With WordPress training at BAVC, you can develop a full-fledged and robust website and not just another blog. Through the use of different themes, templates, and plug ins, you can have any type of site you need; from a new site with multiple contributing authors to a portfolio site for your video projects. Topics include:

  • How to install WordPress
  • Navigating the CMS/Dashboard
  • Choosing a theme
  • Using templates
  • Modifying a theme with CSS
  • Creating pages and posts
  • Plug ins

San Francisco Wordpress Training

Wordpress is one of the most common programs used in graphic design and multimedia. Students come to BAVC’s intensive WordPress training to learn how to navigate the CMS/ Dashboard, create pages and install wordpress. Whether you live in San Francisco, commute in, or live elsewhere in the Bay Area, taking a Bay Area WordPress training workshop puts you in the lead in the dynamic area of web design and development!


Is HTML5 the evil brainchild of Steve Jobs? Probably not but HTML5 duked it out with Adobe Flash and won the race. Even Microsoft Silverlight is shaking in its boots. Learn HTML5 and CSS3 to take advantage of the flexibility offered by this relatively new standard (2014) in mark-up language coding. You’ll learn to embed audio, video and scalable vector graphics within your web pages and be able to add responsive design to your mobile projects. Stay on top of one of the latest and greatest web standard trends and make yourself more marketable. HTML5/CSS3 will give you the powerful tools you need for interactivity, gaming and web development, all leading industries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Topics include:

  • Explanation of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Why and when to use
  • Deployment compatibility
  • HTML5 semantics, structure, and syntax
  • CSS3 new properties and selectors
  • @font-face
  • Dealing with columns of text
  • Using multiple backgrounds
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Splash Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Advanced selectors
  • CSS3 properties: text-overflow, background-size, multiple backgrounds, multiple columns, column rules, the flexible box model

San Francisco HTML5/CSS3 Training:

HTML5 and CSS3 are two foundational aspects of web design, which is one of the leading industries in the San Francisco Bay Area, and students come to BAVC’s HTML/CSS training to learn how to code in HTML and cascading style sheets. Our HTML /CSS design courses - taught in BAVC’s convenient San Francisco location - will get you started on a profitable career path!

Video for Social Media

*** Participants must have smart phones in order to access Adobe Premiere Rush (free app) and will need to sign up for a free trial of Creative Cloud if they do not already have a Creative Cloud membership.***

Across San Francisco and the world, creating videos for social media has exploded! How do you create online video content that captures the viewer’s attention in a meaningful way and can be leveraged to raise awareness, funds or support? In this two-day Video for Social Media class at Bay Area Video Coalition, students will use Adobe Premiere and Adobe Premiere Clip to shoot and edit two short videos for social media, using their phones.* One social media video will be in the style of online content creators like AJ+, Buzzfeed, Now This, and Vice. The second social media video will focus on platforms designed to raise funds, like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Participants will edit pre-existing footage in the lab and their own footage in their phones.

If you have ever thought about promoting your new web series via social media video, plan to launch a campaign for your band’s new album, or want to know how you can be more valuable to your employer in spreading your company’s message via video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more, our Video for Social Media class in the San Francisco Bay Area is your next step! In this class, expect to learn:

  • Pre-Production
  • Interviewing
  • Editing in Adobe Premiere Clip and Premiere
  • Adding sound and text
  • Audience engagement
  • Uploading video for web
Portfolio Development Series

The Portfolio Development Series is aimed at helping you build, package, and promote your portfolio. You’ll also learn how to communicate with, and manage your clients.


In this module, you'll learn to lay the groundwork for portfolio creation including identifying your objectives, reviewing current and common trends, sample selection, best practices in size, consistency and diversity, working on spec, and creating a mock layout. Topics Covered:

  • Creating Work Samples
  • Working Pro Bono to Generate
  • Work Samples Planning and Time Management
  • Define your pitch
  • MoUs and other legalities
  • Examples of popular portfolio sites
  • Activity: Setting Attainable Goals


This module is not about what's in your portfolio but rather, the look and feel of it. We'll discuss using template sites, embedding video, broadcast graphics, master animations, interactivity, hosting, uploading and the all-important banner ad! Topics Covered:

  • Customizing a template
  • Web conventions
  • Social Video platforms
  • Web 2.0 overview
  • Banner Ads Widgets
  • Activity: Discover Your Style


This module helps you leverage your best work through promotion. You'll learn the major players, where to begin and how to integrate them into your portfolio. If you're not using the web to market yourself, you're using an outdated business model. Topics Covered:

  • Using Social Networking sites
  • Integration and business use
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Understanding Google page rank
  • Submitting your site to search engines
  • Activity: Develop Your Communication Strategy

Freelancer Essentials

You've got a site with your portfolio and contact info but it's not as stellar as you'd like. Or maybe you need to create a client portfolio site? This module will cover advanced techniques, industry best practices, client portfolio design and an overview of client relationships. Topics Covered:

  • Best Practices
  • Seeking and obtaining clients
  • Bidding, contracts, completion and invoicing
  • Communicating with clients
  • Activity: Set Your Earning Goals
SEO - Search Engine Optimization: Introduction

SEO training in San Francisco! Learn how to design your site to improve the volume of website traffic from search engines that use crawlers in the algorithmic search results. This Bay Area SEO class insures that your site is discoverable and at the top of a Google, Bing or Yahoo! search. Topics covered:

  • How Google algorithms work
  • On-page SEO
  • Internal Linking
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • White hat vs. black hat
  • Analyzing results via Google Analytics, Google Search Console

San Francisco SEO Training

BAVC's SEO training is a great class to learn how to optimize your website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Students come to BAVC’s San Francisco location to learn cross linking, keyword research, and analyzing return on investment. Located at BAVC’s San Francisco headquarter in the Mission District, we draw students from downtown San Francisco, Marin County and Oakland as well as East Bay communities like Hayward or Peninsula communities like South San Francisco or Burlingame.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Have you ever opened up Google Analytics and felt completely overwhelmed by the data you’re seeing? Does it feel impossible to drill down into your data to find metrics that actually mean anything?

Worry no more! Enroll in this popular San Francisco Google Analytics class & take a deep dive into understanding your web traffic. 

Learn what's working and what's not and leverage your data to engage the community / clients / audience you desire.

This class is perfect for those who don’t feel confident in using Google Analytics or are completely new. 

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that you can use to optimize your marketing channels and measure the growth of your website. 

Topics include:

  • Finding which marketing channels bring in the most visitors

  • Using Tag Manager to track link clicks, form fills, email subscribes and more

  • Understanding what content visitors are engaging with the most

  • Dissecting the location, device and demographic data of your visitors

  • Admin: Setting up IP filters, blocking spam & creating automated reports

  • Properly deploying your tracking code on all of your web pages



You should have a website that you use for business or for yourself. A previously established Google Analytics account is ideal, but you do not need one - you can use the Demo Account during the class. 


Graphic Design For Social Media

Tasked with building brand identity? Customer loyalty? Need to segment your client target population? Need to promote an event? Or do you simply want people to know your project is amazeballs?

Better sign up for this one-day class where you'll learn to create helpful templates, animated gifs and how to use graphic elements to influence the message and get results on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. San Francisco Bay Area marketers know social media is outdistancing most other channels and BAVC's class will bring you right to the top.

Topics include:

Conceptualizing your message
Identifying target markets
Creating a relevant pitch
Size and resolution per each platform
Color space
Metadata and leveraging keywords
Exporting to .png, .jpg and gif

Please have your passwords for Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram ready.

Students should have some proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.

SEO 2 - Search Engine Optimization: Intermediate

SEO training in San Francisco! Learn how to design your site to improve the volume of website traffic from search engines that use crawlers in the algorithmic search results. This Bay Area SEO class insures that your site is discoverable and at the top of a Google, Bing or Yahoo! search. Topics covered:

  • Meta tags
  • Search engine marketing
  • Cross linking
  • Keyword phrases
  • Keyword stuffing
  • White hat vs. black hat
  • Poison words
  • Spamdexing
  • Analyzing return on investment

San Francisco SEO Training

BAVC's SEO Intermediate class is a great way to get your website and blog posts on the first page of Google. Students come to BAVC's San Francisco location to learn the aspects of technical SEO, advanced on-page and off-page SEO techniques and get specific SEO advice for their company or website. Located at BAVC’s San Francisco headquarter in the Mission District, we draw students from downtown San Francisco, Marin County and Oakland as well as East Bay communities like Hayward or Peninsula communities like South San Francisco or Burlingame.