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Portfolio Development Series

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The Portfolio Development Series is aimed at helping you build, package and promote your portfolio. You’ll also learn how to communicate with, and manage your clients.

Building Module:

In this module, you'll learn to lay the groundwork for portfolio creation including identifying your objectives, reviewing current and common trends, sample selection, best practices in size, consistency and diversity, working on spec, and creating a mock layout.

Topics Covered:

Creating Work Samples
Working Pro Bono to Generate Work Samples
Planning and Time Management
Define your pitch
MoUs and other legalities
Examples of popular portfolio sites
Activity: Setting Attainable Goals

Packaging Module:

This module is not about what's in your portfolio but rather, the look and feel of it. We'll discuss using template sites, embedding video, broadcast graphics, master animations, interactivity, hosting, uploading and the all-important banner ad!

Topics Covered:

Customizing a template
Web conventions
Social Video platforms
Web 2.0 overview
Banner Ads Widgets
Activity: Discover Your Style

Promoting Module:

This module helps you leverage your best work through promotion. You'll learn the major players, where to begin and how to integrate them into your portfolio. If you're not using the web to market yourself, you're using an outdated business model.

Topics Covered:

Using Social Networking sites
Integration and business use
Search Engine Optimization
Understanding Google page rank
Submitting your site to search engines
Activity: Develop Your Communication Strategy

Freelancer Essentials Module:

You've got a site with your portfolio and contact info but it's not as stellar as you'd like. Or maybe you need to create a client portfolio site? This module will cover advanced techniques, industry best practices, client portfolio design and an overview of client relationships.

Topics Covered:

Best Practices
Seeking and obtaining clients
Bidding, contracts, completion and invoicing
Communicating with clients
Activity: Set Your Earning Goals