After Effects: Compositing | BAVC
Motion Graphics

After Effects: Compositing

FMay 29, 2020
10:00 am to 6:00 pm
$265.00 members
5 seats available
Doug Williams
2727 Mariposa St. - Green Lab

Unleash the power of AE's compositing tools! Compositing is the core of motion graphics work. This San Francisco class covers the basics of Keylight and similar keying effects, standard practices for pulling a good key, as well as other techniques to improve your composites, such as color matching and rotoscoping. Topics include:

  • Overview of After Effects keying effects
  • Advanced techniques for pulling a better key
  • Color correction in After Effects

San Francisco After Effects Class: Compositing Workshop

BAVC offers After Effects graphics training in San Francisco; many students come to us with an interest in taking a San Francisco class. Whether you are interested in looking for advanced techniques for pulling a better key or color correction, this class is for you. This class will draw students from San Francisco and all over the Bay Area. Students even attend from Oakland or Marin County.

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