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SF Commons Live Studio Training + Cert

No sections are currently being offered for this service. Please check back soon.

This course is only for current and active SF Commons Members who would like to use the Live Studio space for program recording and/or an SFLIVE show. Covering every technical aspect of setting up, configuring and engineering your very own program recording or LIVE show, this course will leave you well versed in operating theLive Studio. We will show you how to operate the studio lights, adjust audio levels, take LIVE calls, create lower thirds, and switch it all up among the 4 cameras in operation.
Note: SF Commons Members will need to attend the training and pass the Certification Test in order to be certified to use the Live Studio. If a SF Commons Member does NOT pass the Certification Test, arrangements will be made to take the test again or it may be advised that the SF Commons Member enroll in another session of training and take the Certification Test again.

SF Commons Live Studio Training + Cert Workshop in San Francisco

BAVC offers SF Common members live studio classes in San Francisco, many students come to us with an interest in taking a San Francisco class. This class will draw students from San Francisco and all over the Bay Area. Students even attend from Oakland or Marin County.