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Premiere Pro: Color Correction

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PLEASE NOTE: this Adobe Premiere Color Correction course is now taught ONLINE using zoom!

It's startling how much of a difference the right color correction polishes your video projects. Sure, instinctively, you know how to move the sliders around but when you have mastery over these techniques your editing skills increase exponentially (not to mention, your videos look amazing). If you work in Adobe Premiere Pro you may have played around with the tools but when you enroll in this popular online class you'll learn to how to color correct video much more easily, more accurately and how to give your projects that professional look that inspires people to say "gorgeous footage!" Topics include: Principles of color correction Using the color workspace Reading scopes Understanding the Lumetri panel Lumetri effects Primary and secondary color corrections Motion tracking a color correction to create secondaries Creating, exporting and importing Look-up Tables (LUTs) in Photoshop & Premiere for editing Building multiple grades using Adjustment Lay Pre-requisite: Premiere Pro: Introduction

How can I get a Video Editing Certification? 

This color correction course can be taken as part of BAVC's Video Postproduction Full Certificate. Learn more about BAVC Certifications and enroll today! Recently laid off? Deductions from your past paychecks may cover the cost training to help you pivot to a new career or level up your skills – find out more

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