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Build A Podcast

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Listen up, podcasting is hot again and for three good reasons. It's on demand. It's cheap to produce. It's dramatic (think: Sarah Koenig and "Serial"). People carry with them hours of entertainment, music and podcasts on their mobile devices, listening on their commutes, while they wait in line at the DMV or as they bake banana bread. Enroll in this one-day class to learn how to create, engineer and publish a compelling podcast for your company, your team, your followers, your band, your magazine or because you want to do something extremely creative. Podcast producer Allegra Bandy (check out her "Making It Work" podcast about thriving and surviving in the Bay Area now in its 3rd season) will cover preproduction, gear, recording techniques and distribution. Topics include:

  • conceptualization
  • production pipeline
  • bumpers
  • music and sound effects
  • recording at home vs a studio
  • editing, mixing and mastering
  • distribution
  • tracking your listenership

San Francisco Training: Podcasting