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DSLR Cinematography: Intermediate

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Already have basic familiarity with DSLR cameras, but want to learn how to get the absolute most of the technology to become more professional in your video productions?

BAVC’s Intermediate DSLR Cinematography course in the San Francisco Bay Area is designed for BAVC students continuing from the Introduction to DSLR Cinematography class, or professionals who already have a mastery of manual photographic skills such as F-stops, shutter speeds and ISO in a still or video context.

This BAVC course delves into advanced lensing, lighting and camera movement including dual system audio, on-set syncing and post-production workflow. As part of this Intermediate course at BAVC’s San Francisco headquarters, you will be afforded the opportunity to shoot and review your own footage for critique from BAVC’s expert instructors, which is invaluable to anybody trying to get better at their craft.

DSLR Cinematography: Intermediate Class in San Francisco

BAVC offers classes in San Francisco, many students come to us with an interest in taking a DSLR Cinematography class. Whether you are interested in video production, bringing cinematic images within the budget of mere mortals. This class will draw students from San Francisco and all over the Bay Area. Students even attend from Oakland or Marin County.

Required Pre-requisites