Virtual Reality Video Production: Introduction | BAVC
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Virtual Reality Video Production: Introduction

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Virtual Reality film offers full immersion into another world and unparalleled connection with characters. As the technology necessary to make VR a reality has finally become accessible, it is our duty as media makers to learn how best to tell captivating stories in this evolving medium. This workshop is your hands-on crash course to being a VR storyteller. If you are a filmmaker looking to expand to immersive storytelling, an art student looking for a mind bending new medium, a real estate agent, a start-upper or an event producer looking for a compelling way to showcase your work, this class will get you started!

  • Discover the perspective of the viewer and how to guide their attention
  • Learn 360 cinematography and sound capture best practices with both autostitch and manual cameras
  • Understand stitching and editing workflows for different cameras
  • Share and demo your work
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