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HTML/CSS: Introduction

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Learn HTML in this San Francisco class. Currently one of our most popular trainings, this 2-day deep dive will educate students to the basics of the web and what to do to publish your website on it. You will learn how to hand-code HTML and CSS, how to format images and text for basic page layout, how to organize the information on a site, where to go to secure space on the web and the underlying principles of SEO (search engine optimization). This San Francisco HTML course is taught with a plain text editor and the knowledge you get from this class, you will be ready to produce excellent web sites. Topics covered include:

  • Tables
  • Text and image formatting
  • Linking
  • FTP (uploading to the web)
  • Working with color
  • File management
  • Forms
  • Meta tags

San Francisco HTML/CSS Training: Introduction

HTML and CSS are two foundational aspects of web design, which is one of the leading industries in the San Francisco Bay Area, and students come to BAVC’s HTML/CSS training to learn how to code in HTML and cascading style sheets. Whether you live in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin County or elsewhere, our HTML / CSS introductory courses will get you started on a profitable career path!