Want to delve deeper into audio post-production? Take this class offered online and developed in San Francisco! This course begins to cover more advanced workflow techniques of audio post-production for film and commercial productions. Learn about advanced techniques of audio clean-up and restoration using tools within Adobe Audition CC. This San Francisco course is designed to sharpen skill-sets for increasing the quality of audio in your own projects, as well as prepare you for Advanced Audio Post-Production at BAVC. Learn how to apply complex equalization filters to voice-over and dialogue content and advanced compression / limiting techniques to balance audio levels, and integrate sound design into your projects.

Topics include:

  • parametric equalization
  • noise reduction
  • dynamic compression / limiting
  • sound design integration
  • automation and techniques for mixing all audio components together to produce a balanced, final output

San Francisco Training on Audio Post-production

BAVC offers Audio Post Production: Intermediate classes in San Francisco, and many students come to us with an interest in taking an audio post-production class as well as other film and video trainings in San Francisco. Whether you are interested in looking for automation and techniques for mixing all audio components or sound design integration, this class will draw students from San Francisco. Students even attend from Oakland or Marin County.

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