Learn HTML5 and CSS3 to take advantage of the flexibility offered by this standard in mark-up language coding. You’ll learn to embed audio, video and scalable vector graphics within your web pages and be able to add responsive design to your mobile projects. Stay on top of one of the latest and greatest web standard trends and make yourself more marketable. HTML5/CSS3 will give you the powerful tools you need for interactivity, gaming and web development, all leading industries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Topics include:

  • Explanation of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Why and when to use
  • Deployment compatibility
  • HTML5 semantics, structure, and syntax
  • CSS3 new properties and selectors
  • @font-face
  • Dealing with columns of text
  • Using multiple backgrounds
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Splash Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Advanced selectors
  • CSS3 properties: text-overflow, background-size, multiple backgrounds, multiple columns, column rules, the flexible box model

San Francisco HTML5/CSS3 Training:

HTML5 and CSS3 are two foundational aspects of web design, which is one of the leading industries in the San Francisco Bay Area, and students come to BAVC’s HTML/CSS training to learn how to code in HTML and cascading style sheets. Our HTML /CSS design courses – taught in BAVC’s convenient San Francisco location – will get you started on a profitable career path!

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