You’ve built your site and it’s now online, but there is more to do to become a better freelancer.


No portfolio yet? We’ll help you build one in our Portfolio Development Series.

Topics covered in this class:

  • Best practices: We’ll cover invoicing, structuring your workflow, sharing information and collaborating with your clients and other freelancers… basically the essentials you need to know and understand to be a successful freelancer.
  • Time management: This is one of the biggest keys to thriving as a freelance creative. How do you create a schedule and keep to it? How do you juggle multiple client demands and a work-life balance? You want to prevent fires, not start them—and we’ll discuss the tools to help you achieve this goal.
  • How much to charge? Another big one. Adjusting to the fair market value of your services can take you through some trial and error. (It’s to be expected.) But, if you are getting every job you bid on, you may not be charging enough.
  • Finding the right clients: How do you find clients? Where do you start? What are the steps in matching your skillset with the right companies? How do you reach out and connect? It’s kinda like going door-to-door. Except virtually. Learn about it here.
  • Bidding, contracts and resolution: It’s doesn’t end with publishing a great portfolio. There’s paperwork involved when you bid and are accepted by the client. And you need to keep ahead of day-to-day business requirements. Start out the right way and save yourself future chaos. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Communication with clients: It’s important to keep an ongoing dialogue with your client. Establishing a professional, yet personal, relationship will ensure that your clients come back for more. And every freelancer wants that. We’ll walk you through effective methods of communication.

PLEASE NOTE: this Bay Area Freelancing Class is now taught ONLINE using zoom and accessible everywhere!


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