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Donation Rewards

Thank you for supporting BAVC!

Please note, due to COVID-19 our staff is sheltering at home and cannot ship rewards from our office. Mailing of these gifts will be significantly delayed while the BAVC Facility is closed.


Donate at the following levels (and fill out this form) to receive one of these cool rewards!


Photograph of BAVC's retro logo hard enamel pin designed in the style of a vintage Ampex tape logo with silver letters on navy blue with rainbow pink, orange, yellow stripes at the base. Picture in bright sun on flat texture backdrop.

$25 or more – BAVC hard enamel logo pin

This pin was designed to reimagine BAVC's logo in the style of the retro VHS, Umatic, Betcamacam, and other magnetic media logos that BAVC Preservation works with every day as they digitize old formats to help make old content viewable and accessible for years to come.





Photograph of BAVC's vintage retro portapak video camera soft enamel pin, two pieces connected by a chain, in white, red, silver, and grey, sitting on a textured green file folder
 $35 or more – BAVC hard enamel portapak pin

This pin was designed to mimic the Sony Portpak that started it all! It was new portable video cameras that made it possible for everyday people to create their own media and it was the possibilities this new technology opened up that was the catalyst for the creation of the Bay Area Video Coalition in 1976





Both of BAVC's old school magnetic media pin styles are attached to the breast pocket of a faded black denim jacket in this picture - vintage Ampex rainbow tape logo pin and Sony Portapak video camera two piece pin

$50 or more – Both BAVC enamel pins 

Don't make any hard decisions and instead get a deal on both enamel pin designs so you can wear them together!






Coming soon - tote bags, t-shirts, and more!


Just make a donation (of at least the minimum for the reward you would like) and fill out this form to get your gift!