Animator | BAVC


Ravin' Films, Inc.
Motion Graphics
April 1

THIS UNPAID POSITION. Motion Graphics Animator. This is an excellent opportunity for a recent animation student to build your portfolio. We have a yet to be funded feature documentary that needs a two and a half minute animation to voice over to be produced for the opening segment of our film. We anticipate funding later this year, so a successful effort at this animation could very well lead to a paid assignment for further animations for this same film. The film is titled AN IMPOLITE FILM ABOUT PAUL KRASSNER, about the late American satirist, investigative journalist, DJ, and founder of free thought publication The Realist and the '60s anti war collective know as The Yippies. The film is being produced by SF production company Ravin' Films, directed by Bob Sarles and produced by Christina Keating.


Collaborate with the filmmakers to produce a two and a half minute HD full resolution animation based on an existing audio track that will be provided. Must first create storyboard to be approved before producing the animation.


Proficiency in AfterEffects animation. Ability to be creative in a collaborative effort. Sense of humor and good sense of design. Ability to work on deadline. This initial animation will initially have to be done on spec, but we anticipate being able to compensate for this work in the future once we are able to raise funds. We are hoping to find someone we can hire to produce our titles and a number of other animations for this long form documentary film.