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Augmented Reality Developers

Habritual Studio & Arcadia Earth
Motion Graphics
August 24

Call for ARtists // Opportunities:
HabRitual is helping curate an Arcadia Earth Augmented Reality project. We are calling digital ARtists to be considered for paid creative opportunities in Augmented Reality animation that will begin development this fall. The overall theme is focused on utilizing augmented reality to foster planetary stewardship.

Our First Opportunity for ARtist submissions is a request for ARtists utilizing the Unity platform as per specifications defined below.

To be considered, designers must apply by August 24 and submit their current portfolios that reflect their capabilities in Unity both interactive and non-interactive animations. Invitations to this Augmented Reality opportunity will be extended to chosen applicants in late August.

Our Second Opportunity is directed towards skilled ARtists utilizing Unreal Engine. This program will also carry the theme of fostering planetary stewardship. To be considered for the second opportunity, please submit your portfolio by September 21, 2020 and indicate your choice on the application form.

ARtists and Designers are invited to apply for both opportunities and are permitted to submit two applications if both programs are not ready for submission by our first deadline of August 24.  If you are interested in being considered for these opportunities please fill out our ARtist Program Form by following the link above.


At the time of invitation, participants will be provided an NDA to sign. Upon signature they will be given a detailed program brief and will be requested to submit an initial project idea within one week. These animations will be leveraging ARKit (Apple) and ARCore (Google) applications. Specifications below will be a requirement for this opportunity once the artist is selected.

About the opportunity: The artist will help create animations that will focus on children's education, ages 11-16 and will be delivered within the Arcadia Earth App.

AR Specifications for the project:
1. The Unity that is used is 2019.4.0f1 (LTS)
2. Polygon count per mobile devices should be between 300 - 1500
3. Number of bones should be below 30


Augmented Reality Creator in Unity and/or Unreal.... no prior credentials required