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Digital Media Specialist

UC Berkeley
Video Editing
Local (Bay Area)
February 22

Departmental Overview

Digital Learning Services (DLS) is a unit within Research, Teaching and Learning that provides design, production, delivery and digital environment and tools services for online, hybrid/blended, and traditional courses at UC Berkeley. As members of the Berkeley community, who care deeply about serving the university, we blend our expertise in online learning with the broader strategic plan and institutional goals and values. For more information about Digital Learning services (DLS) visit our website and explore Who We Are, What We Do and our Portfolio.

Open Minded approach to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Research, Teaching, and Learning believes in and fosters a workplace environment where people can bring their diverse skills, perspectives and experiences toward achieving our goals through a process of critical inquiry, discovery, innovation, while simultaneously committing to making positive contributions towards the betterment of our world. 

In addition, support and amplify the campus principles:

We champion diversity.
We act with integrity.
We deliver.
We innovate.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging are more than just suggestions for us. They are the guiding principles underlying how we come together, develop leaders at all levels of the organization, and create an environment that unites us. We affirm the dignity of all individuals, call upon our leaders to address critical issues with integrity and intention, respect our differences as well as our commonalities, and strive to uphold a just community free from discrimination and hate.



The Digital Media Specialist produces, records, and edits audio/video/multimedia that resides in Berkeley’s online and blended learning courses, distributed through our Learning Management System, and provides students with lecture segments and learning resources in support of  learning objectives/goals. Additionally, the Digital Media Specialist consults and trains faculty with pre, post and production in support of DIY media projects completed in our DIY studios and remotely at faculty homes and offices.

In this role, the Digital Media Specialist will collaborate with Faculty (on their audio, video, and multimedia digital course content) as well as Media Team members,  Instructional Designers, and Manager within the Instructional Design and Media team at Digital Learning Services. While hard skills in pre, post and production are the what, soft skills including a growth mindset and positive outlook, diplomacy, and genuine desire and ability to collaborate and work well with others - both clients and colleagues - are the how and essential to successful work.

Key Responsibilities:

- Produce and collaborate on the production of digital media in all phases (pre-production, production, and post-production) including script writing, storyboarding, graphic treatments, directing, technical lighting, visual composition and video, audio and motion editing.
- Produce content for online and blended Berkeley courses in collaboration with instructional designers and instructors or other subject matter experts.
- Assess daily the design, development, and production needs of assigned portfolios, projects and courses.
- Set short-term design, development, and production support tasks, goals and objectives and execute on them.
- Track and report accurate and timely status of media production work.
- Provide expertise, coaching and support to faculty and instructional teams during the digital learning media production process - both formal online/hybrid course production and faculty’s DIY production for on-ground courses.
- Provide hardware and software set up for faculty to create DIY media.
- Produce, edit, and review digital media and content with a high-level of detail and accuracy and adherence to Digital Learning Services (DLS) processes.
- Consult with supervisor and other professionals to ensure that digital learning media content meets campus needs and effectively delivers the desired learning outcome opportunities.
- Maintain currency with visual design, typography, and composition skills to interpret written concepts and transform them into compelling visuals.
- Assist in envisioning and implementation of efficiency-enhancing workflows for course media production.
Ensure proper publication, storage, and retention of all produced media artifacts.


Required Qualifications

- Solid creative collaboration skills.
- Demonstrated pre-production skills.
- Solid audio and video production skills, including sound, lighting, camera operation, and videography.
- Demonstrated post-production skills in applications for media production including Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
- Demonstrated experience in at least 1 of these 2 areas: motion graphics and graphic design.
- Solid understanding of the principles of visual design.
- Ability to monitor and assess processes or services and make necessary improvements.
- Solid project management skills to complete projects within budget and time constraints.
- Demonstrated ability to prioritize while effectively executing multiple projects with competing deadlines.
- Advanced interpersonal communication skills and collaboration skills, including active listening skills and skills to work effectively within teams, political acumen and skill in troubleshooting and applying proactive and positive solutions.
- Exceptional customer/client focus.

Bachelor’s degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training

Preferred Qualifications

- Advanced skills and experience in Pre, Post and Production and visual design
- Demonstrated experience in both motion graphics and graphic design principles
- Demonstrated experience creating original art
- Experience developing video and multimedia content for educational programs and online distribution.