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Digital Media Teacher

Oakland School for the Arts

530 18th Street
Oakland CA 94612

Graphic Design
Local (Bay Area)
January 10

The OSA Graphic Design Teacher will be responsible for instruction in digital media skills and concepts for our department including but not limited to teaching in a year-long, 5-day per week series of classes including graphic design courses, equipment maintenance, grading and assessment, parent communication, student support, arts exhibition, and collaboration with current Digital Media staff and other OSA departments. Candidates with experience in narrative and documentary video production, lighting and photography instruction, and media studies are a plus. 


This position includes (but is not limited to) the following duties:

Manage the learning environment through keeping accurate records, submitting grades and other reports on time, and enforcing school/campus academic and attendance policies

Contribute to a learning culture by creating curriculum and supporting local campus events such as auditions, orientations, shows, and graduations. 

Relate professional/life/industry experience to learning by the continuation of professional/technical skills development, the introduction of media industry perspective into courses, and the active awareness of professional/media industry trends and opportunities

Participate in all school-based professional development, faculty, and departmental meetings and workshops as a permanent member of the school community

Instruct pupils in proper care and use of computers and equipment

Manage production equipment inventory, test and update computers and equipment, and manage student equipment rentals to prevent loss or abuse

Plan and present exhibitions designed to showcase pupils' work for the school and the community


Demonstrated competencies in the following areas are a must:

Curriculum Design Experience in designing and implementing a project-based Digital Media curriculum that includes drawing, graphic design history, theory, and skills. 

Technical Creative Experience Possess a broad range of skills and knowledge of media, media art, contemporary art and design in general. Areas of expertise include art history, design, fine art, and design theory. Other beneficial areas of expertise include film and media production, motion graphics, animation, lighting, and photography.

Applications and Troubleshooting Have a working knowledge and ability to create art and provide instruction that bridges traditional fine art into in the Adobe Design Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Knowledge of Premiere and After Effects are a plus. Be able to support students in troubleshooting computer and application issues. Be able to foster a class culture in which students know how to learn new programs quickly, prioritizing concepts and content while effectively teaching programs and methods.

Art History Incorporate age-appropriate, historically significant, and culturally relevant contemporary works as well as film and media history in ways that are engaging and meaningful to students. Curriculum content includes analyzing how minority groups and women are represented in media. 

Assessment Regularly utilize in-class grades and critiques to shape lessons, drive instruction, and foster accountability. Experience with a wide range of assessment strategies and best practices, including creative methods of checking for understanding.

Professional Experience Utilize “real world” knowledge and connections to inform and enrich the classroom


In addition, the following characteristics are required to be successful on this team:

Classroom Management Ability to cultivate a positive learning environment for 25+ student-artists

Engagement Acts as an advisor to a group of students planning to make their way in the media production world

Flexibility Ability to adjust expected tasks and schedule to updated priorities

Self-Reflection Ability to remain open to critique and responsive to feedback

Collaboration Dedication to working with teammates, other departments, parents, and the Oakland community

Excellent verbal and written communication skills Ability to build successful relationships with student populations, and utilize effective conflict resolution strategies

Accountability Ability to organize (including equipment), develop and complete projects without continued direct supervision

Purpose A genuine interest in teaching, art-making, and finding ways to improve public education, with a willingness to go above and beyond the requirements of the job

Education and Experience:

BA or BFA required

California credential in art preferred

Fine Arts background preferred with an understanding of the background and relevance of contemporary and global art

At least five years of classroom teaching experience in a middle/high school 
Maintain own art practice, and have prior experience in creative environments whereby art is crafted, explored, or observed

Staying fresh in the industry

Salary based on qualifications and experience, benefits package competitive

OSA does not discriminate in any program, activity, or in employment on the basis of actual or perceived age, sex, race, ethnic background, veteran status, ancestry, pregnancy, national origin, physical or mental disability, medical information, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender or religion.