Graphic Designer | BAVC

Graphic Designer

Bay Area Film Company

Bay Area Film Company
2600 Tenth Street, #633
Berkeley, CA 94710

Graphic Design
Local (Bay Area)
November 10


*Editing complex ppt files with animations

*Linking multi file presentations into a show file without losing the multiple templates

*Create notes decks on the fly and operate notes and main ppt

*Ability to use and edit Keynote as well as PPT

*Experience with video encoding

*Experience with motion graphics at 4k resolutions

*High level Executive Client interactions and personal people skills while working with Executive clients

*Networking show machines for file sharing / Networking Printers

*Proficiency with Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and, in some cases, Cinema 4D

*Graphic design sensibilities. Need to take the executives conceptual ideas and turn them into visually appealing and effective visuals to support their messaging