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Project Supervisor, Video Distribution

Video Production
Local (Bay Area)
January 21

Position Summary:
The Project Supervisor for KQED Presents is responsible for the broadcast and online distribution of KQED’s national productions such as Film School Shorts and independently produced programming that is distributed under the KQED brand. The Project Supervisor also provides production assistance on the KQED local production Truly CA.
Key responsibilities include devising and implementing broadcast and online distribution strategies for KQED productions and presentations; pitching content to Programmers at top-market public television stations and online partners through written materials and phone calls; serving as the Associate Producer of Truly CA.

Essential Functions:

• Lead the department’s broadcast and online distribution plan for all national programming.
• Create program announcements, press pages and other materials to use when pitching programming to the national system and online third-party outlets.
• Represent KQED productions and presentations at screenings, events and national conferences.
• In consultation with the KQED Presents Director and Social Media Specialist, develop and implement YouTube (and other video platforms) content marketing and distribution strategy.
• Seek out and maintains new networks, consortiums, partnerships, affiliations, venues and recognition opportunities for KQED Presents programs.
• Use broadcast carriage reports, Nielson ratings, and a variety of metrics for online platforms to measure impact.
• Manage and review proposals and completed programs for Truly CA and KQED Presents to determine whether KQED should pursue relationship with the producer. Provide feedback on rough cuts and/or fine cuts throughout the production process.
• Manage overall production relationships with Truly CA filmmakers. This starts with effectively communicating and maintaining clear plans and delivery schedules for producers, tracking and receiving deliverables and maintaining records.
• Book and oversee edits, optimize versions for different platforms and create production reports for all Truly CA films.
• Identify and craft solutions to technical problems that arise during production, post production and distribution.

Other Job Functions:
• Manage financial tracking, billings, and invoice payments for the department.
• Assist KQED Presents Director with administrative and other duties as required, including day-to-day correspondence, problem solving, archiving and DVD/tape dubbing.
• Provide advice and support on social media campaigns.
• Regularly evaluate and suggest ways to improve shared department templates, databases and other department systems in order to improve the overall service of KQED Presents.
• Plan and run events ranging in scale from intimate screenings to hosted meals at receptions at national conferences.

Knowledge/Experience Required:
• Strong communication skills, both written and in person, and the ability to interact diplomatically, effectively and professionally with a diverse group of stakeholders.
• Strong business development instincts and comfort identifying and building partnerships with people and organizations of strategic value to KQED.
• An understanding of film and digital media production, with an emphasis on post production and ability to learn new software and web tools.
• A self-starter. Good organization skills and follow-through when handling multiple projects with shifting priorities. Ability to take initiative, work under pressure, meet deadlines, and switch activities as needed.
• Knowledge of bookkeeping and clerical procedures, as well as strong writing and copyediting skills for creating external-facing marketing materials and internal reports.
• A genuine interest in independent film, public media and our local filmmaking community.

Knowledge/Experience Desired:
• Proven record in conceptualizing and implementing innovative marketing and digital media distribution strategies.
• Production experience and familiarity with the independent producer community.
• Working knowledge of public television program distribution and delivery via PBS and other networks.
• Experience with WordPress, HTML/CSS and Premiere.
• Experience with business development.

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