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Social Media Marketing Internship

Florentino Films, LLC

San Francisco, CA

Social Marketing
Local (Bay Area)
April 11

I’m looking for a social media marketing assistant to help me design a social media strategy for a documentary film I’ve spent the last 7 years putting together. Since the documentary concerns the biotech industry’s use of Hawaii as a laboratory for testing pesticides and genetically modified seeds, I’m seeking someone experienced, passionate and/or connected to sustainable living, agro-ecology, ecological farming, holistic living, cooperative living, permaculture or food sovereignty. The film deals with these topics.

I’m seeking someone who can help me devise campaigns leading up to the online release of the film. Facebook and Twitter are the main platforms I have been and would like to post images and video to raise awareness of the film, but I am also interested in incorporating an additional site. The aim would be to drive traffic to the film’s website, grow its Facebook page, grow my twitter following and integrate other appropriate social media sites. I am considering investing in some Facebook and Twitter ads, as well as doing challenges to promote engagement.

Someone with following skills and mindset would most likely be a good fit:

• Detail-oriented and adept at managing communications on current and emerging Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and one more of our choice.
• Creative, resourceful, possessing of strong strategic skills, an outside of the box thinker and excellent communicator.
• Skilled writer.
• Possesses a keen interest in documentary films and believes they have the ability to inspire change.
• A natural networker and team player with strong social skills.

It would be great to meet in person a couple of times to work together on strategy. Then I am open to working remotely. This is last at least 8 weeks. Please apply by sending a brief intro to who you are, what kind of social media work you've done in the past and your resume/website. I will likely need to contact at least one reference.

I can provide you with credit on the film's website, a letter of reference as well as school credit if your educational institution would permit it.