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URGENT Co-production opportunity with a French filmmaker

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Video Production
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May 31

We would like to present an opportunity for co-production to any talented producer/editor with a fresh approach to storytelling along with strong writing and editorial sensibility and skills.
Sorry for the last minute post:

1st shoots to start on April 25th and workshop to be filmed is going through July 10th, at the Rosener House, a nursing home in MENLO PARK (10mn away from Stanford University, partner of the project).

Presentation of the project at Stanford is on THURSDAY APRIL 25th at 10am and workshop training with Tango teacher and therapist to start the same day.

The filmmaker (Anne-Bramard-Blagny) and crew is coming from France, and will be in the Bay Area from April 24th through May 4th, as well as the 2 scientists.

The US producer could "pilot" his own project until the end of the workshop on July 10th, (and more if needed), in exchange for the footage to include to the French production.

The incentive of the project resides in the possibility for the filmmaker/producer who would take on the project to have access to our story, our workshop "The Caravan of Memory", our established relationship with the Rosener House and Stanford, and if needed the footage that Anne has been filming for the past 10 years in France.

Basically, they can make their own film out of this large pluridisciplinary project involving researchers from the University of Bourgogne, reknown composer Graciane Finzi: https://www.graciane-finzi.com/ and of course, the Seniors of the Rosener House and their families.

We were given access to the special collections at the University Archives of Stanford by Daniel Hartwig, to the archives of Muybridge's work which is at the heart of this project, as well as researchers in the Music department.

MORE DETAILS with reading our Crowdfunding page: https://www.wellfundr.com/en/lacaravanedelamemoire


- Lead or co-lead the production and editing of a feature or one hour film of which the goal is to lead to a  scientific publication that will guide to a change in the way we care and look at the elderly with neuro degenerative disease like Alzheimer.
The content for the program will be a combination of curated material from existing documentaries and other sources (University Archives Stanford), and footage we film.   

- Find their own financing to develop the project in the US, with the help of our agent in charge of Strategic Partnerships based in Washington DC.


- Strong writing and storytelling skills.
- Knowledge about the challenges and solutions related to a broken healthcare system trying to demonstrate tango’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self to those with neuro degenerative disease.
- Excellent editorial judgment and an international approach and sensibility to filmmaking will help
- Experience with multi-camera editing is a plus.
- Network of people involved in care-giving, alzheimer foundations and research is definitely a plus