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VHS & Media Digitizing Professional


46520 FREMONT BLVD, STE 602, Fremont, CA 94538

Local (Bay Area)
May 31

We are a professional digitizations services provider. Digitizing various historical media types into digital files.
We are looking to hire, a professional to convert a large project for converting VHS tapes, Other media into digital assets.
Anyone with experience in conversion of VHS, tapes, and other media, is welcome to reach out. We have immediate need for professional with experience in this conversion



PRECAUTIONS IN PLACE from the Current Covid-19/ Coronavirus situation.

1. no outsiders are allowed on campus, only employees come inside to work.  2. everyone must wear face masks at all times, especially when working closely.  3. maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet, when working together.  4. sanitizers available for all employees at stations.  5. cleaning of all desks & touched common surfaces with alcohol and other cleaners daily. 6. washing hands frequently recommended 7. any sign of sickness, employees advised to stay home and not to report.  8. no gatherings in groups allowed. 9. airing out rooms frequently.

We are a provider of scanning, digitizing & imaging solutions in Fremont, CA. We have immediate openings for associates to join at our office in FREMONT, CA to create a successful team of document prepping, sorting and scanning representatives. Learn to scan documents, books, photos, and learn new computer skills. Easy sitting job, and friendly environment.

Essential Duties For Document, Books/ Photo Scanning Operators

Prep staff performs a variety of tasks to include; opening documents boxes, opening document folders, removing staples, opening fasteners and document sorting, fixing edges of documents, as well as preparation of documents for scanning. Removing fasteners from documents as required. Taping / fixing documents as required
Scanning Reps will scan these prepped documents using high production scanners and post-processing activities, like auditing the images and review the quality of scans.
Scanning Paper Documents/Books/ Large Blueprint building plans.
Keep daily scan logs & production schedule.
Maintains security & confidentiality of client information.
Performs work accurately.
All training necessary to complete job assignments will be provided.
Other duties as assigned.
These are full-time/part-time Production/ Assistants/Operators Positions requires:
Working Hours: M-F, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
Language: English or Bilingual.
Non Disclosure & Security Requirements/ Agreements

* Dependability - excellent attendance is a MUST
* Attention to detail is a must.
* Ability to follow instructions
* SPEED of your work will be measured by the number of pages per hour
* Accuracy & Responsibility
* A great attitude and strong work ethic
* Ability to lift and move up to 30 lbs.
* Minimum typing speed of 40 wpm
* Basic Computer skills, to learn to operate scanning software.
* Detailed Background Check will be performed.

Potential to Grow with Experience & Capabilities, as the Company grows.

General office environment & This is a smoke-free office**
All candidates must pass a 50 state background check.
All candidate must be legally allowed to work in the US.
Apply Now! Located in Fremont, CA.