Videographer to create app video for healthy food startup (paid) | BAVC

Videographer to create app video for healthy food startup (paid)

Amass Media
Video Production
Local (Bay Area)
November 18

Amass Media has the following paid project available. If interested, email with your portfolio. Application is rolling.

Organization: Tasteful (

Organization Description: Tasteful, Inc. exists to help people make healthy, delicious food decisions for their lives. Our work is rooted in one part data/analytics, another part community. Our mission is to get a group of people who love to eat, live and embody health and connect them with the chefs, restaurants and other users with similar priorities.

Payment: $1250

Deadline: 12/10/15

Video Length: We want 2-3 cuts in 15, 30 and potentially 60 seconds

Filming Location: Open to suggestions, ideally a city. We are located in Palo Alto and San Francisco

Video Purpose: The video will exist on our site and serve as a key brand awareness advertising tool on social media as well.

Video Distribution: Tasteful's website and social media sites

Audience: 25-55, m/f, health conscious and semi-educated about conscious food. They care about sustainability, environmental issue, wellness and live a complete lifestyle of health (mental, emotional, physical)

Video Description: This is an explainer video to serve as an introductory brand and product awareness message that hits on key value propositions for living a healthy lifestyle with great, quality food. It should message the key features of our app (discover local restaurants with dishes that fit Vegan/Vegetarian/GlutenFree/Paleo/RealFood dietary type, supportive health community, direct connection to nutrition experts via Ask Me Anything in-app feature, etc.). It should tell a story about finding healthy food or being healthy that can easily be communicated holistically within these cuts Impact is to resonate/inspire people to live a life of health. We'd like to finish with a Download Today (iOS / Android) or Join The Real Food Movement call to action.

Inspiration links: (this is the style we like for the animation part, not expected for the entirety of the video)

Additional Notes:
Our team members (m/f) can serve as talent if need be. Some animation elements preferred but not required. Willing to pay up to $1500+ depending on portfolio/experience, but we are a startup and wanting to keep the budget reasonable for our current size/budget. Requesting at least 2 final revision checkins/edits to ensure final product is exactly what we want/need.


Basic video shooting and editing; Animation / Motion graphic skill and experiences with making an app video are a plus