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Work with a Career Coach

Our team has years of experience helping people land jobs and change their lives. They’ll tailor their approach to your needs and goals and will be by your side every step of the way. We’re in your corner.

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Mindy Aronoff
Senior Engagement Director

Mindy acts as BAVC's business development liaison and oversees adult advanced training, video production and creative services, American Apprenticehship with San Francisco City's Office of Economic and Workforce Development, and SF Commons, San Francisco's 2 public access broadcast stations. She is the first point of contact for video and audio preservation queries and is BAVC's main contact for corporate training and ETP (Employment Training Panel) initatives. She came to BAVC in 1999 as Industry Outreach Coordinator to jumpstart the ETP training program for BAVC and holds a B.A. in Design from UCLA. She likes to send gifs any time she can and she's often thought that Hugh Laurie in Dr. House would play her in the movie.