Before You Apply

Are you ready to dive into a supportive learning environment geared towards advancing your career goals?

  • Start by creating a LinkedIn profile with your complete work history. Think of it as an online resume.
  • Be able to provide three job titles that you are committed to pursuing during your training.
  • Research 10 companies that you would be interested in working for or working with.
  • Be ready to provide documentation around your employment status!

Apply early! Applications are reviewed as they are received and space is limited.

Steps to apply:

1. Attend a TechSF Orientation
2. Decide on a training that best compliments your job goals
3. Apply online

What we’re looking for in your application:

  • Your goals and career focus should be clear.
  • Your career goals should match your previous experience or training.
  • You must be open to working on changing your career search approach.
  • You must have time available and no schedule conflicts with the TechSF program.

4. After submitting your application, make sure to follow-up quickly with the Admissions Team to schedule your application interview

5. Complete program eligibility paperwork

You can begin taking our career readiness workshops at any point in the process!


Ready to Hire

If you already have the technical skills but haven't had traction on the market, TechSF can help you land the job.

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Additional Trainings & Services

Technical expertise can only get you so far. From networking strategies to building a personal brand, our career workshops can take you the rest of the way.


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