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Premiere Pro is preferred by Northern California professionals which is why it's essential for you to learn the software that is the industry standard. Master the interface and learn about features and workflow with other Creative Cloud applications.
Video and Audio Postproduction
$685.00 / $595.00 members
6 seats available
Unleash the power of AE's compositing tools! This course covers Keylight and similar keying effects, standard practices for pulling a good key, and techniques to improve your composites, such as color matching and rotoscoping.
Motion Graphics
$315.00 / $265.00 members
7 seats available
Tasked with building brand identity? Customer loyalty? Need to segment your client target population? Need to promote an event? Or do you simply want people to know your project is amazeballs?
Digital Marketing
$315.00 / $265.00 members
10 seats available
Learn the techniques of cinematography with modern High-Definition DSLR cameras. This class is perfect for both beginners looking to increase their films production value and professionals seeking a jump-start on this new tool.
Video and Audio Production
$345.00 / $295.00 members
9 seats available
This two-day class introduces students to the powerful color correction tools in Davinci Resolve Lite. The class focuses on color correction and related workflows for finishing film and video projects.
Video and Audio Postproduction
$625.00 / $545.00 members
9 seats available