Colette Ghunim

Colette Ghunim’s passion lies at the cross section of social impact and visual storytelling. Her first documentary, The People’s Girls, received 2 million views for its spotlight on street harassment in Egypt. She is in development with Kartemquin Films on Traces of Home, a feature-length film documenting her journey back to Mexico and Palestine to locate her parents’ original homes, which they were forced to leave decades ago. She is also the co-founder of Mezcla Media Collective, an organization supporting 400 women of color filmmakers in Chicago.

Traces of Home

Filmmaker Colette Ghunim takes her parents to find the ancestral homes in Mexico and Palestine that they had fled from decades earlier. While filling in the missing pieces of her identity, the journeys unravel the trauma of displacement that passed down through generations. Traces of Home is a feature-length documentary that will intimately explore the complexity of multicultural identity, as well as the emotional trauma of returning home.