Nonprofit Discount for Community Partners

As one of our valued community partners, BAVC Media would like to provide your organization – your staff and media/filmmakers, access to our classes at a steep 40% discount. Current classes include video and audio production, post-production, motion graphics, and digital marketing. Our classes are highly rated, taught by experienced instructors, held at convenient times – including weekend intensives – and hands-on. Our students represent a broad cross-section of the Bay Area – from working artists and technicians, to community college students, and incumbent and unemployed professionals.

Teach a Class

Have a media, film or tech class that you’d like to teach, or a creative workshop that you’d like to lead? Come do it at BAVC Media! Share your expertise with Bay Area media makers, hone your teaching experience, and build your community. We’re currently seeking new qualified instructors/facilitators to teach or lead 1-3 hour sessions on a variety of engaging topics. (We’ll pay you!)

We’re especially interested in offering new sessions that provide students with practical information, like:

•  How to apply to a film festival

•  How to write a treatment for your first narrative short film

•  How to work with a sound mixer

•  How to develop a budget

And, professional development sessions that help media makers adapt their experience and skills to new creative roles (and earned revenue), like: 

•  Directing a music video

•  Directing a political video

•  Becoming a communications manager or content developer for a company or nonprofit

And, professional development sessions to help students advance in their careers, through better administrative and communication practices, like: 

•  Hiring people (contractor v. employee, payroll companies, legal agreements…)

•  How to strategically build your creative “brand”

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