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As audio and video technologies have changed, and as old formats age and disintegrate, we are at risk of losing significant media collections that document the art, culture and history of our diverse communities. Partnering with the organizations that own these varied collections, BAVC works to preserve and digitize precious works of media art and other cultural artifacts. Since 1994, BAVC has preserved over 7,000 hours of audio and videotape.
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In December 2004, BAVC added audio preservation to its services by preserving a significant portion of the audio collection of The Kitchen, an influential New York City-based, interdisciplinary arts organization. Of course, BAVC does more than simply save these works from permanent loss, we also digitize them, making them accessible to larger numbers of current and future audiences. More Information |

Preserving The Exploratorium

Musician David Byrne

BAVC was hired by The Exploratorium here in San Francisco to clean and digitize their video collection. David Byrne is a Scottish-American musician and artist. He is perhaps best known as a founding member and principal songwriter of the new wave band Talking Heads...

Preserving Paul McCarthy

by artist Paul McCarthy

BAVC digitized 1/2″ open reel tapes for artist Paul McCarthy. McCarthy, who studied painting at the SF Art Institute in the 60's, is probably best known for his transgressive performance art (including performances in the 90's when he turned into Santa Claus into a dirty old man - literally - nose running and...

Preserving The Kitchen

The Beastie Boys, Live Performance

The Kitchen is a non-profit art space in New York City originally founded in 1971 in Greenwich Village. It takes its name from its original location in the kitchen of the Mercer Arts Center. Notable Kitchen alumni include Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson,...