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Facility Rentals

Host your next event at BAVC! Our facilities, appointed with state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable amenities, are the perfect place for co-working sessions, screenings, retreats, or lectures. Or, treat yourself to some quality solo work time in a distraction-free environment.

BAVC is located in a 11,000 square foot space (a former mayonnaise factory) on the corner of Mariposa and Bryant streets in San Francisco.

BAVC’s facility is fully equipped with the most relevant media making hardware and software available including:

  • SF Commons Live Studio
  • Mac and PC computer labs
  • Audio Recording Suite with Whisper Room
  • Multi-purpose room meeting room with projector, podium, and rearrangeable seating
  • Sunny Conference Room with TV

Most BAVC systems are equipped with the latest versions of design and editing software programs including Adobe Creative Suite and ProTools.

Finally, working in partnership with the City of San Francisco and City College of San Francisco, BAVC is connected to high-speed 10Gb fiber Internet networks.



BAVC is pleased to offer its the Access Lab, Living Room, Multipurpose Room (MPR), Conference Room, and the Blue Lab at a discounted rate to members. If you would like to request a facility rental, please fill out the form below.

Please note that all requests for rentals that occur outside of BAVC’s normal business hours (10 am-5 pm, Tue-Sat, holidays excluded), are subject to additional staffing fees and accepted at our discretion. For questions and quotes, please contact officemanager@bavc.org.

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THE LIVING ROOM (Podcast Recording Studio)


Record, edit, collaborate! You and your team have a space to do it all. The Living Room is an audio recording studio that includes:

  • a large WhisperRoom
  • a RØDECaster
  • a computer workstation with ProTools
  • 2 microphones
  • headphones
  • Tables and chairs 

The Living Room is available for use by the public, BAVC members, and SF Commons producers during open hours Tuesdays through Sundays 10 am-6 pm. SF Commons producers have priority access to the space and need to book their time through SF Commons. The Living Room can be rented in a minimum of 2 hour blocks at $30/hr for members, and $40/hr for non-members. Additional time can be booked in a 4 hour block for members for $100.

If you need more support with your project and are not ready to set out recording on your own, you can hire BAVC to help. You can also take BAVC's Build a Podcast class, one of our most popular training intensives. For further questions about the Living Room and recording at BAVC, email livingroom@bavc.org.

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Access Lab computer stations are reserved for use by Members and SF Commons producers. SF Commons producers have priority to the computers and need to book their time through SF Commons.  BAVC Members who are not SF Commons producers are entitled to use the Access Lab computers for up to 8 hours free/month. Additional time can be booked in 8 hour blocks for $50. The Lab is available to Members 12-7 pm, Tue-Fri, 10am-4pm Saturday. To make a reservation, please email membership@bavc.org with the date and time.


The Multipurpose Room is free for 4 hours/month for members at the Producer's Bundle level and $75/hour for any additional use. The public rate is $90/hour. To make a reservation, please fill out the Facility Rental Request Form below.


The Blue Lab is available to members at a discount for $900/day. The public rate is $1200/day. Each of the 11 Mac workstations has 2.9 GHz Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, 1 GB Graphics Card, and the instructor station projects to LED screens between workstations. Blue Lab is only available Mon, Weds, and Fridays during the school year.


The Conference Room, which includes a large monitor for presentations, can comfortably seat 10 people around the center table. Members can rent this room for $50/hour or $65/hour for the general public.



To make a reservation, please fill out the Facility Rental Request Form below:

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