Your donation inspires social change by empowering media makers to develop and share diverse stories through art, education and technology!






Why donate to BAVC Media?

When you give to BAVC Media, you support a community: individuals with life-changing stories to tell, educators who engage youth, artists, creators, and adults and elders in learning new tools for media creation, preservationists whose work saves art and culture that might otherwise be lost forever, and people of all ages who are discovering new opportunities for themselves.

Other ways to contribute

There are many ways you can contribute to BAVC Media beyond a cash donation. We are open to collaborating on how to get you involved.

To learn more, contact our Development Director, Jenny Slattery.

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Give to BAVC MediaYour BAVC Media Moment

No matter how you found yourself connecting to BAVC Media, no matter what you did when you walked through our doors, you had a BAVC Media moment. Your BAVC Media moment may have inspired you to develop an idea that pushed your work to the next level, or maybe it came to you when you realized you were going to get that job you wanted or perhaps BAVC Media introduced you to the community who helped you make that movie that changed people’s lives. Or, finally, maybe it was that time you shared stories with people you never thought you’d understand or know.

True to its roots, BAVC Media continues to make ordinarily expensive services and innovative resources more accessible to the larger Bay Area community. From the beginning, BAVC Media has been an advocate for artists and media makers, supplying them with the tools and support they need to tell their stories. Support from BAVC Media does not end when you finish a class, leave with your collection of newly preserved video, or connect with the perfect contact at a networking event.  BAVC Media is here for anyone who is creative and motivated, especially those who have faced the greatest barriers to telling their stories and changing their lives.

Your BAVC Media moment can also be now: when you realize you aren’t just making a contribution to one more nonprofit organization, but that you are making it possible for people to find their own BAVC Media moment.