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Residency Program

AiR BAVC 2017 Residency Program


BAVC’s 2017-2018 Residency Program provides Bay Area moving image artists and independent media makers a home base from which to manage projects currently in the production or post-production stages. In addition to providing office space shared between residents, $2,000 worth of BAVC courses, fiscal sponsorship, and free membership, the BAVC Residency affords the chance to plug into BAVC’s community of fellow filmmakers and industry veterans through peer feedback sessions and public work-in-progress screenings. The Residency program builds on the success of BAVC’s Artist-in-Resident program, to continue to provide independent media makers with support and opportunities for creative and professional growth.

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Program Structure

The nine-month residency period is occupied by two residents simultaneously, who share an office space that is equally equipped for post-production work and team or client meetings. Halfway through the residency period, both residents will be given respective peer feedback sessions, with a public, joint artist’s talk and work-in-progress screening to be held toward the end of the residency period.

The BAVC Residency Program is supported by the San Francisco Film Commission.

Program Offerings

The Residency Program also offers participants the following benefits:

  • Dedicated office space at BAVC’s San Francisco facility equipped with industry-standard editing equipment.
  • $2,000 worth of BAVC classes to be taken during the residency period.
  • Rough-cut feedback and exhibition opportunities:
  • A private peer feedback session, held midway through the residency period.
  • An artist’s talk and work-in-progress screening for the public to be held toward the end of the residency period.
  • Residents may work with program staff to plan and coordinate other opportunities for sharing work and for collaborating with other BAVC program staff and participants.
  • A free BAVC membership at the Producer’s Bundle level (for more information go to
  • Assistance with promotion of public screenings and events outside of the residency program.

Program Eligibility & Criteria

  • Due to residency period length and the fact that program does not cover travel, ground transportation or lodging, applicants must be Bay Area-based.
  • Applicant must be actively engaged in a film, video, television, or other moving image project in any genre and in any stage of production, from screenwriting to strategizing the project's exhibition, distribution, and outreach plan.
  • One of the residency spots will be earmarked for a project that is locating 55% or more of its shooting days in San Francisco during the residency period.  
  • Applicant’s project must have a strong digital media component or vision (BAVC does not provide analog film resources). However, the project need not be a traditional documentary or narrative film. Projects can be web-based, linear, interactive, performance, installation, exhibition, or a hybrid of these.
  • BAVC takes special interest in projects that have a strong potential for social impact, but encourages applicants with projects of any genre or subject matter to apply.
  • BAVC is particularly interested in supporting a diverse cross-section of artists with multidisciplinary backgrounds, as well as applicants who demonstrate a capacity for artistic growth.
  • Applicants should have some existing content to share, and it is preferred that applicants have a funding commitment from at least one external source.

Application Requirements

Applicants will be asked to provide short-form answers to the following prompts in addition to completely filling out the rest of the online application:

  • Media Sample: A multimedia sample must be uploaded to a third-party site (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube), and submitted as a direct link. The total running time must not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Artistic Statement: (500 words maximum) Describe your practice, discussing your discipline(s) (if applicable), areas of interest, and why this residency is the right opportunity at this point in your creative career.
  • Project Proposal: (500 words maximum) Describe the project you want to work on or generate while in residence.
  • Timeline: (200 words maximum) Provide a three-month timeline. How would your project unfold over the course of your residency?
  • Budget and Partnership: Please provide a total budget figure for your project along with information about any pending or secured funding, in addition to any committed or potential key partners on the project.
  • CV or resume (two pages maximum).
  • Two professional references.


Applications for the first residency period (Oct - Jun 2018) are now closed. 



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BAVC Residency Program FAQs 

What is the timeline?
  • The first residency period runs Oct 2, 2017 - June 30 2018.
  • Applications deadline: Tuesday, September 5th
  • Residents Announced: Tuesday, September 19th
How does sharing office space work?

Both residents will share the same office space but have separate work stations, equipped with industry-standard hardware and software for digital video editing. The office can be accessed during BAVC’s regular office hours (Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm). Exceptions can be made at the discretion of staff. Residents will not be issued building keys or codes. Residents will work with each other and dedicated BAVC staff to coordinate working hours and room use.  Unless arrangements have been made, residents should assume that they will be sharing the office with one another at any given time.

What project/shooting formats does the residency support?

The residency is equipped to support digital-native project formats. The residency does not currently support projects being shot with film stock or projects which have AR or VR components. For technical concerns, please contact:


Do I have to complete my project while in residence?

No. However, residents are expected to participate in a public work-in-progress screening at the end of the residency period. Residents will also have the opportunity to receive feedback on their work at a private rough cut screening with peers and industry mentors.


I’m a visual artist working in video. Should I apply?

If video is the primary medium you work in, and you feel that the residency length and offerings are going to help you make strides in your creative work and/or a specific project, then you should apply.

I’m a documentary filmmaker. Should I apply?

If documentary is the primary genre you work in, and you feel that the residency length and offerings are going to help you make strides in your creative work and/or a specific project, then you should apply.


My film is a non-documentary narrative. Should I apply?

If non-documentary narrative is the primary genre you work in, and you feel that the residency length and offerings are going to help you make strides in your creative work and/or a specific project, then you should apply.

What if my project is in post-production or filming outside of San Francisco?

One of the residency spots will be earmarked for a project that is locating 55% or more of its shooting days in San Francisco that coincide with the residency period. The other residency spot is open to projects in any stage of production.

Can more than one person from a team participate?

Although there will be room in the shared office space to bring in outside collaborators for work sessions and meetings, only one person from a project team may be officially in residence and afforded the resources and privileges of the residency program.


Are current or previous BAVC program participants (i.e. MediaMaker Fellows) eligible to apply?

Yes, so long as the residency period doesn’t overlap with the duration of a program the applicant is currently participating in.

The application suggests that I have some funding secured for my project before applying. What counts as secured funding?

The selection committee wants to see that your project has the ability to draw funding and move forward to completion. If you are the only person who has invested in your project to date, it may put you at a disadvantage compared to other applicants.  However, if your project has no other funders and the budget is small, or if you have already completed a strong work sample for your project without obtaining other funding, reviewers will take those factors into consideration, so lack of funding is not necessarily a disqualifying point for an otherwise compelling work-in-progress.


Do I have to have a fiscal sponsor to apply?

No. Residents are offered fiscal sponsorship through BAVC should they desire it. BAVC will respect all extant fiscal sponsorship arrangements.


Who is on the selection committee?

The selection committee is composed of BAVC staff and respected members of the independent media and new media arts communities.


What are my chances?

If you can successfully make the case for why the opportunities afforded by the BAVC Residency are the right fit for your project’s needs at this point in time, and you meet the criteria outlined above, your application will be competitive.


What should I submit for my work sample?

Please submit samples that you feel best reflect your aesthetic or give a sense of the project you’d like to work on while in residence. Project-specific trailers, scenes, or edited rough-cut footage are preferred over sizzle or clip reels.


How long should my work sample be?

Work samples should be no longer than ten minutes.


Do I have to be a BAVC member in order to apply?

No. Residents are given a BAVC membership at the Producer’s Bundle level upon being accepted into the program.