S.F. Weekly News TV

Diane W. Smith

Diane Wesley Smith has a strong demonstrated background in community advocacy in SF. She amplifies the voices of the public through her bi-weekly news show, S.F. Weekly News. Diane has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, is a California licensed real estate broker, affordable housing advocate and HUD/tax credit specialist. Diane conducts housing workshops and shares news focusing on access to housing in San Francisco. Diane was a candidate for S.F. Supervisor in 2010, running a healthy campaign focusing on “Fairness for All.” Diane holds the distinction of being rated “In the Top 1% for Community Outreach” by LinkedIn. Diane, a native San Franciscan, has been producing public access shows serving San Francisco since 2004.

About the Show: It is the mission of S.F. Weekly News to participate in and reflect the diversity of its community by presenting a program service which addresses the community’s housing, jobs, education, information, cultural and entertainment needs. S.F. Weekly News serves as a community development station providing a reliable electronic communications facility for the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, and San Francisco in particular. It informs citizens of the significant issues facing society, thus contributing to the development of a community capable of dealing intelligently with those issues and providing a forum for citizens of the community to express those opinions. S.F. Weekly News entertains and enriches the lives of our viewers by presenting significant and diverse programming in an appealing, professional way that will tend to encourage new insights to life, people, and relationships in a changing world. To reflect credit upon ourselves, S.F. Weekly News and our viewers hold to high standards by serving the whole and diverse community.

On the Air Since: 6/1/2004

When to Watch: 6pm Second and Fourth Thursdays on Channel 76 (LIVE) and 7:30pm Mondays on Channel 29 (re-runs)