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Myrna Lim

About the Show:

We insist that the media continues to educate, inform, and challenge San Franciscans on the issues we face not only within our city, but also within the state, nationally, and the world. Five corporations who control 90% of what people around the world hear and see as their “news” have hijacked our media, a very powerful tool. Freedom of speech hangs in the balance when there are no checks and balances between right and wrong.  Law and justice takes a back seat to those who have the means and the money.  We, citizen journalists, must fill the void and continue to influence the next generation of critical thinkers because only they can educate the world we live in.

On the Air Since: 2007

When to Watch:

6:30pm Second and Fourth Thursdays each month on Channel 76 (LIVE)


6pm First and Third Thursdays on Channel 29