Sonny Francis

The Domino Theory

Sonny Francis

Sonny has been in broadcasting for nearly 40 years. First as a DJ in the San Jose area (KREP-FM) back in the 70’s Jazz 50,000 watts, then on to Seaside, CA’s KZEN as Sales Manager/DJ. After a year and a half he moved back to the San Jose, CA to host a show at Los Gatos’s KTAO-FM. Music, being his first love, these days were like dying and going to heaven.

About the ShowThe Domino Theory was never really meant to be about Dominos, though in the beginning we did air a series of local Domino tournaments as well as tutorials. Currently the focus has been geared towards community health issues to include the rate of prostate cancer, hypertension and other issues. We try to address relevant issues.

On the Air Since: 3/1/2010

When to Watch: 11am Tuesdays on Channel 29