AVCompass Is Back Up!

With support from Myriad Consulting, AVCompass has changed platforms. The stand-alone web app no longer exists, and the project has been migrated over to Airtable. You can create your own AVCompass Airtable Base by clicking this link to the template base, and pressing the “Copy Base” button on the top part of the window.

You can view a sample AVCompass Airtable base here. Don’t bother copying this over to your workspace, it’s just a good reference for how to create your own base from the template. Parts of this base have been embedded below, so you can see the user manual and the a sample collection.

The original educational video resources can be seen at the bottom of this page, or on YouTube. More resources about using the Airtable version are coming soon! Please contact preservation@bavc.org if you have any questions or need immediate support.

AVCompass User Guide

AVCompass Sample Collection

AVCompass Video Resources

Developed with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, BAVC Media’s latest tool supporting the audiovisual preservation field is a suite of free online resource that offers comprehensive instruction in organizing and preserving a media collection. Intended for use by individuals and organizations alike, AV Compass features step-­by­-step educational videos, PDF guides and a simple, easy-­to-­use tool for creating accurate inventories. AV Compass dispels the uncertainty of how to begin thinking about preserving old tapes, films and discs. This resource will guide users through creating a preservation plan and taking specific steps to make that plan happen.

AV Compass is a web­-based suite of educational resources that includes:

  • Instructional guides and 11 short videos that walk a user through the assessment
  • Overview of preservation concepts
  • Directions on how create a preservation plan and make it happen
  • A free tool to create an inventory of your collection, which you can export and send to BAVC Media

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Myriad Consulting, who helped us port AVCompass to Airtable and bring the project back to life. THANKS!