An Interview With BAVC Media’s Media Specialist: Clay Go

Published On: January 12, 2024 |

Tell us a little bit about yourself (career, hobbies, anything you’d like us to know).

My name is Clay. I’m a San Francisco native and a California College of the Arts graduate. I’m passionate about filmmaking and storytelling so I hope to do more directing in the future. Narrative filmmaking is what I really want to do but documentaries are interesting to me as well. Outside of work, I love going to the gym, watching movies and obscure video essays as well as playing video games. 

When did you first cross paths with BAVC and what about the organization’s mission and vision resonates with you?

I first crossed paths with BAVC when my film professor encouraged our class to participate in a film crawl that celebrates film in SF as a whole. Everyone from BAVC, SFFILM, CAAM, Frameline, and JFI were there. It was so crowded but a nice fun time. The following week, another professor told me that BAVC had a paid fellowship and I decided to apply. The program was Bridges Live and even though it was meant for younger ages 18-24 and I was 25 at the time, they still gave me the opportunity to be part of it and I made so many new connections and experiences. It’s great that BAVC gives people opportunities to share and learn with others through media making.

What are you most excited about in taking on the Media Specialist role?

There was a time in college, I was very hesitant to call myself a filmmaker because I hadn’t made anything of my own the first two years I was there but I changed that way of thinking and was able to build up my portfolio and not be afraid to collaborate with others. I’m excited to do that as a Media Specialist. I’m excited to grow past my perceived limitations as an artist. 

What advice would you give someone who has a story to tell but doesn’t know where to start?

My advice to anyone who has a story to tell but doesn’t know where to start is to just go for it, learn from whatever mistakes you make, and not be afraid to try again. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help, not just from one person but as many people you can connect with.

What are 3 things that are currently bringing you joy?

3 things that bring me joy currently are my friends, family, and food. 

You’re a fan of horror movies, what draws you to the genre? 

To me, movies are a way to bring people together to share a feeling and my favorite genre of doing that is horror because I appreciate how filmmakers find new ways to scare their audience. You don’t have to have a man in a scary mask and graphic violence, you can also have something be very relatable and thought-provoking. A horror film doesn’t have to be desaturated and gritty, it can be colorful and even a little funny. There’s room for everything. 

What horror movies have you watched recently? Do you have a favorite?

I really enjoy the vibe of Ti West’s House of the Devil (2009). I also liked his other movies X (2022) and Pearl (2022). Kyle Edward Ball’s Skinamarink (2022) had me hiding under the rim of my hat half the time as well.