Certificates are the ideal way to get a truly personalized education at BAVC Media: we listen to your goals, assess your needs, and provide a tailored pathway to success. In addition to our career support services, our small class sizes offer opportunities for one-on-one attention from instructors. You’ll emerge with the technical skills and a rebooted professional network of fellow BAVC Media members to make you truly competitive.

Why get a certificate?

The U.S. Department of Labor, the State of California and leading employers all recognize BAVC Media certificate holders as having had comprehensive training in their selected field. BAVC Media Certificate students land new jobs, receive salary increases, start their own businesses and cultivate lifelong collaborators.

What if I am unemployed?

If you were recently laid off, check with the unemployment office to see if you qualify for a training stipend. Often this can cover the full cost of your certificate. More info here.

Ready to get started?

Take a look at the Certificate choices below to see which one is right for you. If you’re paying out of pocket for your training, tuition is due before your first class starts. If you are leveraging government funding, the paperwork will need to be in place before you start training. When you click ENROLL you are taken to a short form to fill out and you’ll also need to book a short consultation with our Advanced Training staff. This will give you a chance to ask questions, glean vital information about how to start your Certificate and complete it successfully, and plan out a timeline.

Current Certificates

Certificates are approximately 148 hours of training in BAVC Media classes and require four-six months to complete (online from anywhere or in-person in the Bay Area). Enrollment is rolling, your schedule is customizable, and you pick the start date of your training.

Recently laid off? Check with the unemployment office to see if you qualify for a training stipend. Often this can cover the full cost of your certificate. More info here.

  • Digital Marketing

    Step One to becoming a Social Media Marketing Manager with this Digital Marketing Certificate

    Available to self-funded students only

    Everyone and their grandma knows digital marketing is the modern day solution for reaching an audience. Buzzwords like conversions, call-to-action, analytics, click-through rate, and geo-targeting point to the fact that grassroots consumers can make or break a product, website or service. Learn how to employ effective SEO, shoot and edit video for social marketing, create graphics, publish a WordPress site, analyze your website traffic, and configure code for mobile devices. You’ll learn how to build a brand on all the important social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and SMS Instagram. Digital Marketing Managers earn anywhere from $68K – $130K. If you’re savvy, up on the latest trends, are right- and left-brained, and are willing to play ball with the Google bots, this Certificate is your key to a career in social media marketing. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year.

    $3,085.00 | 88 hours total

  • Intermediate Video Postproduction: Video Postproduction Full Certificate

    Become a video editor

    The Postproduction Full Certificate is for people who understand storytelling basics and happily embrace new technologies. In this series of online classes taught by expert instructors, you’ll develop the skills to use image and sound to create an emotional response from viewers, tell an unforgettable story and organize messaging in a powerful way. Get baseline practical knowledge to land a job as an editor, assistant editor or postproduction supervisor. Learn the industry tips and workflows of Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, as well as the basics of audio postproduction, color correction and dip your motion graphic toes into Adobe After Effects. Editors that can deliver motion graphics along with video editing know how to effectively explain a process, an idea or simply add interest to the story. Video editors earn $300 – $750/day and would rather work in a darkened room hour after hour than schmooze with VIPs at the beach. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year.

    $4,390.00 | 136 hours total

  • Intermediate Video Production Full Certificate

    Learn to produce your own video content

    From personal projects to sports events to movie making to advertising messaging, video has found its way to the top of the mountain. Because technology is constantly evolving, it’s essential to bone up on the latest gear and learn how to shoot creative footage–even if you’re using a smartphone out in the field. This Certificate will help you learn skills you can apply towards becoming a professional videographer, director of photography (DP), crew member, producer or associate producer. You can freelance or land a job at an ad agency, nonprofit or boutique content studio, where video is used to move the messaging. People who do well in video production have seemingly tireless energy, enjoy collaboration, and are natural storytellers. Brush up on skills in pre-production, production and postproduction and learn how to make a portfolio that stands out in the job market. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year.

    $3,600.00 | 104 hours total

Fast Track Certificates

Fast Track Certificates are great for targeting specific skill sets in a short amount of time. They take one-to-three months to complete and are composed of approximately 48-60 hours of online training. Enrollment is rolling, your schedule is customizable and you pick the start date.

Recently laid off? Check with the unemployment office to see if you qualify for a training stipend. Often this can cover the full cost of your certificate. More info here.

  • Beginning Multimedia: After Effects Fast Track

    Take your postproduction (or animation) skills to the next level with Adobe After Effects

    Up your game with this straight-forward introduction to motion graphics and visual effects using Adobe After Effects. You’ll learn the building blocks of effective storytelling that will wow your audience, create intriguing explainer videos, supercharge a presentation, enhance lower-thirds in your documentary and animate key messaging. Video editors can increase their marketability with motion graphics and After Effects integrates beautifully with Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer and other editing platforms. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year. Prerequisites: beginning level Adobe Photoshop skills (or pass BAVC’s Photoshop assessment) with a basic understanding of typography and color theory.

    $2,055.00 | 56 hours total

  • Beginning Video Postproduction: Editor Fast Track

    Learn to professionally edit using industry standard software

    You’ve got awesome footage and now you can craft a compelling message or story from it by employing all the tips, tricks and best practices of video editing. You’ll learn Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, audio post-production, the aesthetics of editing, and color correction. Online, you will receive best practices and expert advice from your personal instructors. Students should download DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro (trial versions are ok) on their computers to get the most from this Certificate. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year.

    $2,270.00 | 64 hours total

  • Beginning Video Production: Producer/Editor Fast Track

    Shoot. Produce. Edit. Get the whole package.

    Jump into the movie-making process quickly with these hand-picked classes designed to get you shooting, producing, and editing straight away. We provide all the equipment for in-person classes only so if you’re earning this Certificate online, you’ll need to gather the gear yourself. A list of recommended equipment will be provided when you virtually meet with our training staff prior to beginning your training. Be prepared to put your ideas to video — the moving image is powerful and the more you shoot and edit, the more proficient you will become. Includes BAVC Media membership for one year.

    $2,210.00 | 64 hours total

  • Digital Marketing Fast Track

    Earn a Digital Marketing Certificate Online

    Available to ETP and self-funded students only

    Learn how to boost web traffic, move messages, analyze user engagement, drive community, and receive an introductory overview of the power of social media marketing. You’ll shoot video, create graphics, grok Google Analytics, and wrap your arms around search engine optimization (SEO). Like Video Production and Video Post-production, this Fast Track can be leveraged as credit towards a Full Digital Marketing Certificate. Also includes one year membership with BAVC Media.

    $1,710.00 | 48 hours total