BAVC Media Announces NEA Grant to support National MediaMaker Fellowship and California Arts Council Grant to Support Independent Filmmaker Community Workshops

Published On: May 17, 2016 |

More Than $82 Million Awarded for Arts Projects Nationwide Includes $90,000 awarded to BAVC Media.

San Francisco, CA—National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Jane Chu has approved more than $82 million to fund local arts projects and partnerships in the NEA’s second major funding announcement for fiscal year 2016. Included in this announcement is an Art Works award of $90,000 to Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC Media) to support the National MediaMaker Fellowship Program. The Art Works category supports the creation of work and presentation of both new and existing work, lifelong learning in the arts, and public engagement with the arts through 13 arts disciplines or fields.

“The arts are all around us, enhancing our lives in ways both subtle and obvious, expected and unexpected,” said NEA Chairman Jane Chu. “Supporting projects like the one from BAVC Media offers more opportunities to engage in the arts every day.”

“The impact of NEA’s generous support transcends the National MediaMaker program at BAVC Media, especially when independent filmmakers can bring to light social impact issues across the country and foster real change. Past MediaMaker Fellows have tackled queer politics, racial tension, pervasive poverty, autism and incarceration. To get inspired, read more about past and current projects here,” said Carol Varney, BAVC Media’s Executive Director. “This is an especially exciting time to receive this award as 2016 marks BAVC Media’s 40th year of serving documentary creators.”

The National MediaMaker Fellowship builds an engaged national community of creative media artists from diverse fields, increases their capacity for project completion and lasting impact, and inspires new partnerships and collaboration to support future work. The Fellowship is designed to give independent artists direct access to the latest digital media technologies and prepare them for broadcast on public television or other independent outlets, with focused digital and multiplatform strategies for community engagement.

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BAVC Media Receives California Arts Council “Statewide and Regional Networks” Grant

San Francisco, CA – The California Arts Council, a state agency, announced it plans to award $12,000 to BAVC Media as part of its Statewide and Regional Networks program.

BAVC Media is one of only 28 grantees statewide for this program.

The Statewide and Regional Networks (SRN) program is rooted in the California Arts Council’s vision to nurture collaborative service organizations and networks that advance the arts and artists in the state.

An arts service organization provides specialized, practical services to working artists, constituent organizations and cultural community. Collectively, these networks help to activate California Arts Council constituents, the arts community, stakeholders, and the public.

With support from the California Arts Council, BAVC Media will serve a diverse constituency of digital artists and media makers in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016/2017 through the production of four community workshops, including two focused on fundraising for digital media projects, an artist-in-residence program for digital media artists, and the year-long MediaMaker Fellowship program.

“Our Statewide and Regional Networks grantees are key leaders in preserving and growing California’s arts ecosystem,” said Donn K. Harris, Chair of the California Arts Council. “We are proud to support the important work of BAVC Media and their mission to inspire social change by empowering media makers to develop and share diverse stories through art, education and technology.”

“At the heart of BAVC Media’s mission is a mandate to recognize storytellers from all walks of life and to help them compete in a saturated media landscape often dominated by consumerism and self-interest,” said Carol Varney, BAVC Media’s Executive Director. “With the generous support from the California Arts Council, we are able to inspire maker and audience alike to take positive action within their own families and the community at-large, clearly showing how various interpersonal , social, economic and political factors shape our lives,”

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Founded in 1976, Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC Media)'s mission is to inspire social change by empowering media makers to develop and share diverse stories through art, education and technology.

The mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the arts and creativity. The Council is committed to building public will and resources for the arts; fostering accessible arts initiatives that reflect contributions from all of California's diverse populations; serving as a thought leader and champion for the arts; and providing effective and relevant programs and services.

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