BAVC Media Announces New MediaMaker Connect Mentorship Program

Published On: May 8, 2020 |
BAVC MediaMaker Fellowship Logo

In the spirit of building the field, supporting nonfiction filmmakers to complete their projects, and facilitating connections between filmmakers at different stages of their careers, BAVC Media is proud to be able to provide 19 MediaMaker Fellowship alumni, along with 11 emerging filmmakers, with 5-months of one-on-one mentorship. Thanks to a generous award from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, 2020 will be the inaugural year of MediaMaker Connect, a new component of the MediaMaker Fellowship.

Between April and September of 2020, 30 filmmakers will receive feedback and counsel from industry professionals addressing their unique challenges from story development to post-production roadblocks. This new effort extends the scope of the MediaMaker program from a one-year fellowship to a spectrum of support that spans early development to artistic fruition. BAVC Media is thrilled to deepen our commitment to cultivating a continuum of infrastructure and support for early-career documentary filmmakers.

The 11 emerging filmmakers participating in BAVC Media’s documentary mentorship program are: Ash Goh, Bella Graves, Daniyel Turner, Dorian Munroe, Erin Persley, Jude Chehab, Krystal Tingle, Reaa Puri, Suzette Burton, Talena Sanders, and Tatiana Bacchus.

The 19 MediaMaker Fellowship Alum who receive additional mentorship are: Anthony Cianciolo, Ashley O’Shay, Brenda Avila-Hanna, Brittany Shyne, Chihiro Wimbush, Christian Figueroa, Debra Schaffner, Emily Cohen Ibañez, Erika Cohn, Gabriella Garcia-Pardo, Jessica Jones, Katy Scoggin, Kevin Wong, Lagueria Davis, Luke Griswold-Tergis, Mina T. Son, Taimi Arvidson, Valerie Soe, and Vicky Du.

Our Mentors this year are: Andy Gersh, Caitlin Boyle, Caroline von Kuhn, Dana Nachman, Don Bernier, Ellen Schneider, Erika Cohn, Ines Hofmann Kanna, Jen Bradwell, Jen Gilomen, Jenny Slattery, Juli Vizza, Krissy Motwani, Laura Green, Lauren Kushner, Manuel “Manoli” Tsingaris, Nadia Hallgren, Rodrigo Reyes, Sara Dosa, Sarah Mosses, and Shaleece Haas.